Uncanny Automator – Automate everything with the no-code Automation tool for WordPress


Uncanny Automator is the easiest and most powerful way to automate your WordPress site with no code. Build automations in minutes that connect your WordPress plugins, sites and external apps together using billions of recipe combinations.

Here’s how Uncanny Automator works:

When one thing happens, Automator can make other things happen.

When a user buys a product, add them to a membership level,enroll them in a course and pass their information to Google Sheets.

It’s that simple! Here’s a video outlining how it all works.

If you’ve used Zapier or Integromat before, setting things up will be intuitive. And if not, that’s okay too!

Free doesn’t mean limited

The free version of Automator is incredibly powerful and comes with built-in automation support for all of these popular WordPress plugins and apps:

Over 100 automation triggers and actions are available for the plugins listed above in the free version. There’s simple documentation to follow in our Knowledge Base, including some quick and straightforward instructional videos. Developers, there’s robust documentation and code samples for you too!

Beyond the plugin integrations, this free version of Uncanny Automator also supports common WP triggers and actions in automations:

  • User views a page
  • User submits a comment
  • User views a post (including custom post types)
  • User logs in
  • Send an email
  • Add a role
  • Change a role

Uncanny Automator does all of this with a single plugin; there’s no need to invite conflicts and performance issues with lots of extra integration plugins!

Take automation to the next level

Uncanny Automator Pro, our premium plugin, adds even more features and integrations, including the ability to create users and posts, delay and schedule actions, connect multiple sites together, add conditions to actions, and unlock unlimited use of non-WordPress integrations like Google Sheets and Twitter.

Besides more than tripling the number of available triggers and actions for your recipes compared to the free version, Automator Pro for WP adds support for external apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Twilio and more.

Here are some of the other really cool automations you can create with Automator Pro:

  • Integrate with Google Sheets. Add a row to a Google Sheet when a user makes a purchase, fills out a form, completes a course—the possibilities are endless! Say goodbye to per-transaction fees with Zapier.
  • Integrate with Slack. Integrate your WordPress site directly with Slack and get Slack notifications and direct messages when users make a purchase, cancel a subscription, or any other combination of triggers from any supported plugin.
  • Integrate with Mailchimp. Add users to your Mailchimp audiences, add or remove tags and even send campaigns. Want to send new blog posts to your list automatically? Automator makes it simple.
  • Integrate with Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar to automatically enroll users in web conferencing sessions when they complete a recipe
  • Integrate with Twilio to send users SMS messages when they complete a recipe
  • Run recipes for logged out users with Everyone recipes; you can even create and update existing users.
  • Have 2 WordPress sites talk to each other. Sell products on one site while Uncanny Automator creates users and sets up access on another!
  • Have external apps trigger recipes and vice versa (without needing Zapier or Integromat!)
  • Set up buttons that can trigger any recipe on click
  • Set custom usermeta
  • Delay or Schedule an action
  • Filter actions so they only run when conditions are met, like a matching user email domain or WordPress role

An Automator Pro license also includes access to our world-class premium support.

For the full list of triggers and actions, make sure to check out this list.

Here’s what other people are saying about Uncanny Automator:

Automate Your Workflows Like a Pro
Uncanny Automator – Zapier for WordPress
It’s Like Zapier For Your WordPress Site
Automate WordPress Like Zapier (Or With Zapier!)
E-Learning Automation with Uncanny Automator


  • Set up your first recipe in 5 minutes
  • Add one or more triggers from dozens of plugins and thousands of apps
  • Identify what starts the recipe, like a purchase or form submission
  • Set conditions and options for the trigger(s)
  • Add one or more actions from any of the available integrations
  • When the triggers are completed, actions run automatically
  • Customize your actions to do exactly what you need
  • Create powerful recipes that just work, all with one plugin

Perguntas frequentes

Where can I find Automator documentation and more info?

You can learn more about Uncanny Automator on our website at https://automatorplugin.com/ and our Knowledge Base is here: https://automatorplugin.com/knowledge-base/

How do I get started with my first automation?

Have a look at https://automatorplugin.com/knowledge-base/creating-a-recipe/. Don’t forget to watch the video there. Hopefully it will be the first recipe of many!

Is Automator translation friendly?

Absolutely! The plugin was created with translation in mind and tested with a variety of translation plugins. We will support any translation issues you run into.

How can I request an integration for a plugin?

The best thing you can do is reach out to the creator of the plugin that you want an integration for. Let them know you’re using Uncanny Automator and that they could greatly extend the capabilities of their plugin by helping us develop an integration for it. As more plugin authors become aware of Uncanny Automator and realize its potential for their users, we’ll be able to continue to invest in expanding Uncanny Automator’s capabilities! Also, fill out this form on our site to let us know what you’re looking for.

How can I add an integration for my plugin?

Check out our developer documentation over at https://automatorplugin.com/article-categories/developers/. Also consider reaching out to our team, maybe we can help or even turn it into an official integration!

Who is Uncanny Owl?

We’re a Toronto-based WordPress company specializing in elearning and automation solutions for WordPress. We’re behind the popular Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit plugin (now used on over 30,000 elearning sites!) and we also have a suite of highly-acclaimed commercial LearnDash add-ons.


13 de Janeiro, 2022
Learning curve is a bit steep, but love the product when you get it up and running.
11 de Janeiro, 2022
The team were really lovely when I reached out for some support & their plugin is working excellently! Really happy with everything. Highly recommend buying!
24 de Dezembro, 2021
This plugin is unbelievable! The new filter feature is amazing. With that you can drive all the multiple possibilities a field could have. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you sooooo much!
9 de Dezembro, 2021
Although I've known about Uncanny Automator for a while now, I just barely tried it out for a real use case. It's completely awesome and will save tons of time. We've been using Buffer to send out tweets and Facebook messages. We also add the same messages to a spreadsheet. Now, it's all handled automatically by Automator whenever a new post is published. They just added a new feature that makes this all possible. All we have to do is add the message for our socials in a custom field on the post, and Automator handles the rest. I love it so much that I'm looking for more ways to streamline and automate our processes now. Such a great product!
12 de Novembro, 2021
I had been trying to make things happenmanually, or with code, for some time until I found Uncanny Automator. I just love the ability to make the more complex functions that I need, work without any coding. The team at Uncanny Automator have also been always on hand to held with things when needed. Kind Regards Wendy
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Registo de alterações

3.5.2 [2022-01-05]


  • WordPress Core – Added post excerpt tokens to additional triggers #1261
  • ActiveCampaign – Added local tag and list sync for tags, lists and custom contact fields #1208
  • HappyForms – Added Form title and ID tokens #794
  • Improved recipe UI on sites using an RTL language in /wp-admin #1247


  • WordPress Core – “A user publishes a type of post with a taxonomy term in a taxonomy” now runs more reliably #1305
  • Formidable Forms – Image tokens no longer return HTML #1303
  • Elementor – File upload field token now renders a value #1283
  • FluentCRM Pro – All tag triggers now fire when tags are added via Smart Link #1271
  • WordPress Core – “A user views a post” and “A post of a specific type is viewed” no longer triggers on unrelated events in some situations #1192
  • JavaScript error on URL fields when populated with postmeta or usermeta tokens #1290
  • When “Use a custom value” is selected in a dropdown, the saved value is now displayed when the action is edited #1286

3.5.1 [2021-12-21]


  • Ability to delete individual recipe runs from the Recipe log #186
  • Ability to clear recipe activity logs from “All recipes” page #186
  • “User role”, “Recipe ID”, “Recipe Run #”, “Recipe run # (total)” tokens #1233, #782, #346
  • Core support for conditions/filters for actions (Pro feature) #1213, #215


  • WordPress Core – “A specific role is added to the user” now runs when role changed to specified role #1199
  • WordPress Core – Added Post excerpt token to some triggers #1164
  • ActiveCampaign – Actions now support “Use a custom value” for tags and lists
  • ActiveCampaign – “Add a contact” – Added checkbox: “If the contact already exists, update their info” #1075
  • Ninja Forms – Added additional tokens #955
  • Added support to parse user meta triggers in Pro #1254
  • Removed duplicate HTML license code


  • Recipe UI – “Saving title” indicator out of alignment #1246
  • Fluent Forms – “A tag is added to the user” now fires in when tags added via Smart Links #1234
  • Fluent Forms – JavaScript validation issue when using Fluent Forms tokens in some actions #1216
  • Post meta token no longer shows “requires user data” dialog #1231
  • Missing icons on Integrations page #1220
  • Ultimate Member – Form tokens no longer rendering “UM Form name” instead of correct values #1197
  • Automator Core – “A user completes a recipe” – Tokens now provide information from the recipe that was completed to fire the trigger instead of the recipe containing the trigger #796

Known Issue:

  • ActiveCampaign – Maximum 100 tags/lists are listed in the UI. To specify a tag/list that’s not displayed, select Use a custom value and enter the tag/list ID.

3.5 [2021-12-02]

New integration:

  • Divi

New Triggers:

  • Divi: {A form} is submitted #729
  • Divi: A user submits {a form} #728


  • Ability to drag and drop to reorder actions – Actions execute in the order displayed on the edit recipe page #1071
  • Post meta tokens – Use any meta of any post in an action; also supports basic ACF fields #127
  • Automator Setup Wizard #430
  • Right-click on the trigger in the token dropdown to automatically add all tokens in a group to an action #1080
  • Integrations page for viewing all available integrations #314


  • myCred – Support for decimal credit values #1106
  • Friendly tokens are now displayed in user selector fields #280
  • Code quality improved following WPCS #881


  • Automator Core – Send a webhook now properly records error conditions encountered during send #1162
  • HappyForms – Some tokens no longer return boolean values instead of actual values #1161
  • AffiliateWP – Referral amount value token now returns correct value on AffiliateWP 2.8+ #1140
  • Ultimate Member – Form title now renders reliably #1182
  • Ajax auth check now returns an error instead of reloading the recipe page #1086
  • Google Sheets – Utilities.js console error on some sites #1168 [2021-11-19]


  • Page reload loop when a recipe contains tags #1133
  • Google Sheets – API requests that lack required scopes no longer throw an error #1139
  • Recipe Log – Activity report no longer shows a previous run’s completion date in some situations #1136
  • FluentCRM – “A contact is set to a specific status” now triggers when the contact is set to any status #1115
  • FluentCRM – Everyone triggers now correctly populate token values #1115 [2021-11-17]


  • Changed datetime to TIMESTAMP in database initialization script to support MySQL < 5.6 #1113
  • WordPress Core – Create a post – Featured image field no longer required #1112
  • Elementor – Form submission now works reliably on larger sites #1109
  • Google Sheets – API error on some sites #1024
  • Ultimate Member – Token parsing no longer conflicts with tokens for other integrations #1129

3.4 [2021-11-11]

New integration:

New Triggers:

  • Uncanny Toolkit – A Group Leader is imported to a LearnDash group #1043
  • Uncanny Toolkit – A user is imported to a LearnDash course #1042
  • Uncanny Toolkit – A user is imported to a LearnDash group #1041
  • Uncanny Toolkit – A user is imported by the Import Users module #1038


  • HubSpot – Added option to update existing contacts #1076
  • WordPress Core – “A user submits a comment on a post” – Added Comment token #1036
  • Popup Maker – Action now fires more consistently across varying site configurations #1034
  • WPForms – Added Form title, ID and URL tokens #795


  • WordPress Core – Create a post – Added “Featured image” field #463
  • WP Job Manager – CV token no longer outputs HTML link #1054
  • Tools > Status – Automator Debug Log line now hidden when Automator Debug mode is not enabled #1096
  • Tools > Status – Action Scheduler line now hidden when Uncanny Automator Pro is not active #1093
  • Improved error messaging when a recipe creation error occurs #730
  • Reduced calls to calls to the API on the Dashboard page #947
  • Code quality improved following WPCS #879 #878
  • Improved placeholder contrast #1098
  • Usage tracking data tweaks #1052


  • Automator Core – Receive data from a webhook – Unrelated recipes no longer show “In Progress” on some sites #1022
  • HubSpot – Looping issue causing excessive API usage #1095
  • GiveWP – Method: get_input_fields() – Give Form Field Manager – Fix# 1078
  • GiveWP – A donation is made via a form no longer triggers on failed donations #1033
  • WP Job Manager – “A user applies for a job” trigger now requires resume add-on #1058
  • WP Job Manager – PHP error in some tokens when Resume Manager add-on not active #1059
  • WordPress Core – “A post in a specific taxonomy with a specific taxonomy term” Post featured image URL now outputs a URL more consistently #1025 [2021-10-20]


  • Recipe UI – Missing vendor libraries

3.3 [2021-10-20]

New integrations:

  • HubSpot – Add contacts and update lists with Uncanny Automator #868

New actions:

  • HubSpot: Add the user to HubSpot #860
  • HubSpot: Add the user’s HubSpot contact to a list #863
  • HubSpot: Remove a user’s Hubspot contact from a static list #864
  • Hubspot: Add a contact to HubSpot #993
  • HubSpot: Add a HubSpot contact to a static list #862
  • HubSpot: Remove a HubSpot contact from a static list #865


  • Recipe UI: View completed runs and link to associated logs from edit recipe page


  • Facebook – Share a photo to a Facebook page – Added text support #768
  • Automator Core – Send data to a webhook now supports DELETE and HEAD HTTP methods #982
  • Added automator_wp_admin_header_menu filter to hide wp admin header menu entry #969
  • JS standards #1016
  • Modern Events Calendar logo #1001
  • Removed integration icons from /dist folder
  • Recipe UI performance improved by deferring unnecessary API calls #649

Fixed bugs:

  • MemberPress – Tokens now parsed more reliably #1004
  • Ultimate Member – Form name no longer rendered if token does not contain a value #1003
  • FluentCRM – PHP errors on some site configurations #986, #975
  • WordPress Core – Standardized grammar in some trigger options #846
  • WordPress Core – Added Post featured image ID and Post featured image URL tokens to “A specific type of post is viewed” #957
  • WordPress Core – Role triggers #956
  • Switching between Visual/Text tabs in the rich text editor no longer breaks HTML content when tokens used inside HTML element attributes #942 [2021-10-06]


  • WPForms – Automator integration enhancements #946
  • WPForms – Cleaned up token parsing #946
  • WPForms – Excluded some sensitive fields from token parsing (e.g. password, Stripe, Authorize.net) #946
  • www removed from some references to automatorplugin.com #948


  • WordPress – A user publishes a type of post with a taxonomy term in a taxonomy no longer fires when any category is assigned to a post #964
  • WPForms – PHP notices on some sites #945 [2021-10-01]


  • PHP 8 compatibility updates #940


  • Code quality #938


  • Slack – PHP notices on some sites #939
  • Zoom – Fatal error on some site configurations #931

3.2 [2021-09-30]

New integrations:

  • ActiveCampaign – Add contacts and update contact tags and lists with Uncanny Automator #755
  • Zoom Meetings/Zoom Webinars – Add and remove users from Zoom meetings and webinars with free credits! #436

New actions:

  • ActiveCampaign – Add the user to ActiveCampaign #756
  • ActiveCampaign – Add the user to a list #763
  • ActiveCampaign – Remove the user from a list #764
  • ActiveCampaign – Add a tag to the user #761
  • ActiveCampaign – Remove a tag from the user #758
  • ActiveCampaign – Add a contact to ActiveCampaign #760
  • ActiveCampaign – Add a contact to a list #765
  • ActiveCampaign – Remove a contact from a list #766
  • ActiveCampaign – Add a tag to a contact #761
  • ActiveCampaign – Remove a tag from a contact #762
  • Zoom meetings/webinars – Add an attendee to a meeting #874
  • Zoom meetings/webinars – Add an attendee to a webinar #873
  • Zoom meetings/webinars – Remove an attendee from a webinar #894
  • Zoom meetings/webinars – Remove an attendee from a meeting #893

New logged-in recipe triggers:

  • LearnDash – A user achieves greater than, less than or equal to a number of points on a quiz #834

New everyone recipe triggers:

  • WordPress Core – A specific type of post is viewed #834
  • BBPress – A guest creates a topic in a forum #834
  • FluentCRM – A tag is added to a contact #834
  • FluentCRM – A contact is added to a list #834
  • FluentCRM – A contact is set to a specific status #834
  • GiveWP – A donation is made via a form #834


  • Usage tracking – Help us improve Uncanny Automator! To opt-in, visit the Settings page. #870
  • Ability to manually prune recipe logs older than a specified number of days #892
  • BuddyBoss/BuddyPress – Added Activity Stream URL and Activity URL tokens to relevant triggers #693
  • WooCommerce – Product quantity token #852


  • Reduced minimum required PHP version to 5.6 #223
  • Settings page #433
  • Code quality improved #876


  • Contact Form 7 – Trigger now returns a user_id for actions that require a user object #819
  • LearnDash – Quiz score and quiz percentage triggers parsed incorrectly in some recipes #833
  • LearnPress – A user is enrolled in a course now fires reliably #822
  • Overlapping icons in recipe editor in RTL languages #814
  • WordPress – A user publishes a type of post with a taxonomy term in a taxonomy now fires reliably #911
  • WordPress – Create a post numeric username fix #900
  • BuddyBoss/BuddyPress – User token now renders reliably #869
  • Scheduled action value now reflects in UI without refreshing the page #788
  • PHP warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback on plugin upload #838


  • WooCommerce – Filter automator_woocommerce_custom_item_meta_token_parser to parse custom item meta #921
  • WooCommerce – Filter automator_woocommerce_custom_order_meta_token_parser to parse custom order meta #920
  • WooCommerce – filter automator_woocommerce_token_parser to allow custom order meta parsing #918 [2021-09-08]


  • File name change causing fatal error on sites when LearnDash and object caching are enabled #824

3.1.4 [2021-09-08]

New Triggers:

  • Automator Core – A recipe completes with errors a number of times #754
  • Automator Core – A recipe completes a number of times #752
  • Automator Core – A recipe runs a number of times #751
  • Automator Core – A recipe completes with a specific status #726


  • LearnDash – A user achieves a percentage greater than, less than or equal to a value on a quiz: “User’s quiz percentage” token #809
  • LearnDash – A user achieves a score greater than, less than or equal to a value on a quiz: “User’s quiz score” token #808
  • WooCommerce – “Order quantity” token for triggers that support order tokens #733
  • WooCommerce – automator_woo_multi_item_separator filter to specify separator for multiple items in a token #790


  • WooCommerce – Order coupon token no longer includes HTML #784
  • WooCommerce ⁃ Token no longer returns “Any” instead of value #741
  • Woocommerce Memberships – A user is added to a membership trigger now fires more consistently #736
  • WordPress Core – Fixed argument count for delete_post action #783
  • wpForo – Fixed unescaped sprintf token #817
  • Uncanny Continuing Education Credits – Invalid field types #781
  • AffiliateWP – “A new affiliate is approved” now fires reliably for automatic approvals #773
  • AffiliateWP – “An affiliate makes a referral of a specific type” now fires more consistently #713
  • Slack – Channel limit increased from 100 to 1000 #772
  • MailChimp – Segments now displayed more consistently in the “Create and send a campaign” action #738
  • Google Sheets – Fixed notice and allowed token types #708
  • Added missing space to log sentence #277
  • Cloning a recipe – The clone no longer has the same creation date as the original #811

3.1.3 [2021-08-20]


  • Trigger messaging in “Everyone” recipes to reduce confusion #700
  • wpForo – Sentence “Add the user to a group” changed to “Set the user’s primary group” for clarity #689


  • AffiliateWP – “An affiliate makes a referral of a specific type” now fires more reliably #713
  • FluentCRM – “A tag is added to a user” now fires more reliably #712
  • Image no longer rotated 90 degrees on the dashboard in Safari #705
  • WooCommerce – A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a product no longer fires multiple times with a single order #702
  • Duplicate recipe not duplicating all items when recipe contains more than 5 triggers or actions #701
  • WordPress Core – Send an email – BCC and CC now work as expected #697
  • LearnDash – Quiz score token now renders more reliably #695
  • When connecting third-party integrations, the second step action button is now disabled if the first step is not yet completed #614
  • Form field tokens no longer appear in token dropdown if the source form was deleted #205

3.1.2 [2021-08-12]


  • WordPress Core – A user’s post is set to a specific status – Added post type dropdown #687
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Trigger: A user’s Stripe payment for an order is refunded #668
  • LearnDash Achievements – Action: Award an achievement #653


  • Forminator – Token no longer shows “Array” instead of the value #655
  • Instagram – No longer automatically shows as connected after Facebook connected #627
  • Instagram – Removed account thumbnail to reduce API usage #494
  • Mailchimp – Groups now load consistently #683
  • LearnDash/Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash – A Tin Can verb is recorded from a Tin Can module – Trigger not firing on some configurations #680
  • WordPress Core – Send an email – When multiple email addresses are entered in the To field the action fires as expected #666
  • WordPress Core – Send an email – Line breaks disappearing in Send an email action after action is reloaded #587
  • Integromat – Send data to Integromat webhook – Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ajax’ of undefined #657
  • Plugin activation now works more consistently on subfolder sites #678
  • Add plugin_active override to all Free integrations for backwards compatibility with older Pro versions #662
  • Pro logged-in integrations no longer appear in anonymous recipes #586
  • PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$license_check on some sites #626

3.1.1 [2021-07-29]


  • Filter automator_is_integration_plugin_active to override the active/inactive status of a plugin


  • Filter automator_modify_plugin_path to override the installed path of a plugin
  • Improved PHP 8.x compatibility
  • Improved UX when the process of authorizing Uncanny Automator for Facebook is cancelled before completion
  • Automator icon now appears on admin bar on front end


  • PHP error on some sites when Modern Events Calendar Lite is activated
  • PHP error when Wishlist Member LTD version is installed
  • Automator dropdown menu no longer appears in the admin bar for non-logged in users when BuddyBoss Platform is installed

3.1 [2021-07-28]

Integrations Added

Moved from Automator Pro

  • Google Sheets integration #374
  • Slack integration #373
  • Mailchimp integration #372 #525
  • Anonymous triggers for WP Forms, Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Happy Forms, Fluent Forms, Elementor Forms and Caldera Forms #477 #527 #528 #529 #530 #531 #532 #533 #534 #535 #536

Actions Added

  • Facebook: Publish a post to a Facebook page #407
  • Facebook: Share a link with a message to a Facebook page #407
  • Facebook: Share a photo to a Facebook page #407
  • Instagram: Publish a photo to an Instagram Business account #407


  • Support for anonymous recipes #477
  • Support for userless recipes #398
  • Dashboard page #401
  • Ability to connect a free Uncanny Automator account for free credits #401 #441
  • Twitter: Added image support #305
  • Object caching to improve performance #273
  • automator_disable_object_cache filter to disable object cache #273
  • Ability to view info of connected account on settings tab for Twitter, Slack, MailChimp, Google Sheets, Zoom Meetings and Twilio #434
  • API communication #526
  • Trigger tokens for featured image ID and URL in WordPress Core, MemberPress, WooCommerce, LearnDash, Easy Digital Downloads, The Events Calendar, Events Manager, Modern Events Calendar, LifterLMS, MasterStudy LMS, Tutor LMS, Upsell Plugin and WPLMS integrations #343


  • Forminator: Triggers now support for newer versions of Forminator #466
  • Removed recipe type column from recipe logs #588 #589 #590
  • Core integration files upgraded from 2.x to 3.x code #402
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8+
  • WooCommerce: “A user purchases a product” trigger replaced with “A user completes, pays for or lands on a thank you page for an order with a product” for more granular control of the trigger condition #452
  • WooCommerce: Removed HTML formatting from tokens #460
  • Change filter when recipe items are created to avoid Async conflict in PHP 8.0+ #419
  • Twitter: API updated to v2 #524


  • MasterStudy: A user completes a course no longer fires when anything in the course is completed. #278
  • FluentCRM: “Any list” option no longer appears in “Add the user to a list” action #307
  • WordPress: A user views a post: “Any post” token now returns post instead of -1 #341
  • WordPress: Missing endpoint for select post type #432
  • Send an email action no longer sends to multiple recipients when the action is run multiple times in the same page load #562 #458 #455
  • Recipe auto-population from Uncanny Codes #471
  • PHP error: Call to a member function add_role() on bool in some rare circumstances #495
  • Create a user: Default role now matches the default new user role in WordPress settings #576
  • “User meta” token evading validation #493
  • Some actions no longer show an error in the logs when set to draft #388

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