VP Sign Documents for WooCommerce


This extension for WooCommerce lets you setup documents that your customers can sign digitally after an order has been created.
This is mainly for in-person signatures, for example when your customer picks up a product from you and they need to sign a contract or proof of delivery.

  • Create documents using a text editor in the admin panel. You can use placeholders to display your customer’s details and also the order details.
  • On the order details page, you can see a QR code which you or your customer can scan with your phone or tablet quickly to pull up the document to sign.
  • After the customer digitally signs the document, it will be saved as a PDF and HTML file in your WooCommerce store.
  • During the signature process, the IP address, user agent, current user(if logged in) and the current date and time will be also saved and visible on the order details.
  • You can download the signature, attach to WooCommerce emails and more.

PRO version

In the PRO version, you can do the following extra things:

  • Create multiple documents
  • Setup conditional logic based on payment and shipping methods(only generate a blank document for orders with a specific payment or shipping method)
  • Automatically change the status of the order after the document was signed(supports third-party statuses too)
  • Attached the signed document to any WooCommerce email
  • Upload the PDF file automatically to Dropbox or Google Drive using Email It In


  • List of documents
  • Editing a document
  • Sample document
  • Order details


  1. Download and install the extension
  2. Go to WooCommerce / Settings / Documents and create a document
  3. Go to the order details page and see a new box related to the document to collect the signature

Perguntas frequentes

Where can i buy the PRO version?

Just email me your billing details to info@visztpeter.me and i’ll send you a payment request link.

Can i ask for a signature during the checkout process?

This is not something you can do with this extension, because this was specifically made for signatures after an order has been created.

Can i collect multiple signatures in the same document?

Sure, just enter multiple {signature} placeholders in the editor.

Can i create a totally custom document template?

Yes. Duplicate the includes/views/html-document-template.php file into your themes woocommerce folder and customize it any way you like.(just make sure you leave the existing javascript files untouched)


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