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Weekly Shabbat Times


This plugin creates shortcode to display the Shabbat portion titles, candle lighting times, Havdalah times, etc. of the current week.


  1. Unzip and upload the plugin into the plugins directory and then activate it.
  2. Grab a shortcode example and place it in the content of a page
  3. View the page

Perguntas frequentes

What does it do?

It simple gives a few shortcodes to display the Shabbat lighting times. Watch the video to see what it does:

Why did you write this plugin?

My synagogue needed to display the current Portion on the website and I couldn’t find a good plugin to do this. This allows me to display the shortcode in the title of a post/page or within the content of a page/post.

How do I use it?

Example shortcodes using Zip Code:

[hebcal_sc category=”parashat” param=”title” zip=”30066″]
[hebcal_sc category=”parashat” param=”hebrew” zip=”30066″]
[hebcal_sc category=”roshchodesh” param=”title” zip=”30066″]
[hebcal_sc category=”roshchodesh” param=”hebrew” zip=”30066″]
[hebcal_sc category=”candles” param=”title” zip=”30066″]
[hebcal_sc category=”candles” param=”hebrew” zip=”30066″]

Example shortcode using Longitude, Latitude, and Time Zone ID:

[hebcal_sc category=”candles” param=”title” longitude=”-84.500434″ latitude=”34.024356″ tzid=”America/New_York”]

You can get a list of timezone ID’s by going to []

Possible categories from the feed

  • holiday
    • roshchodesh
    • candles
    • parashat
    • havdalah


Thanks goes to the team at The plugin just grabs the information from the JSON feed by


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Contribuidores e programadores

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Registo de alterações


  • Adds longitude and latitude to the shortcode so you can drop in your longitude, latitude, and timezone ID.


  • Initial release