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Wemap is a powerful and intuitive way to transform your content into maps that you control through the creation of powerful ‘points’, the building blocks of smart maps, in just clicks.
Mobile-UX drives Wemaps’ design and product development initiatives so you can be assured that your maps look great on any device.
Each time you post a new article, you can create a new point for your audience – a multi-media rich(text, photos, videos, tags, date and more) point featuring your content.
You can also create and embed maps that contain multiple posts – developing guides, best of’s and to-do with your previously created content in just seconds.
Points, lists and even maps themselves are all shareable in one-click.
If you have questions concerning the plugin, are looking for additional features or about, please send an email to

Additional Features

Wemap pro enables publishers to include in-point advertising, affiliate revenue streams (OpenTable, Uber, etc.). If you’re interested in learning more about such features, please contact

In, you can also add dates and tags to any point making your smart maps powerful and intuitive search and discovery tools.

For more information on how to the full features of Wemap Pro, please visit our Help Desk here –


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  1. Create your Wemap account at
  2. Upload Wemap.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Active o plugin no menu Plugins
  4. Enter your username and password using the credentials of your Wemap Pro account.
  5. Click on ‘Log In’

Perguntas frequentes

How do I create a point?

Wemap powered points pin the content of your post to a map. Each point contains the entirety of the post itself (copy, pictures, links, etc.). Your points are true and accurate mapped representations of your brand and content.

To create a point, please follow the following steps.

  1. Click on ‘Add New Post’ or ‘Edit Post’
  2. If creating a new post, compose your post.
  3. If you see ‘Add this post to a Livemap’ continue, if not, confirm that you are logged into the Wemap Plugin and then continue as described below.
  4. Choose to either use an image thumnbail (you will be required to upload the image) or an icon.
  5. Enter the address of the location of your post. Our address bar will help suggest locations.
  6. Latitude and Longitude will automatically their respective fields.
  7. If you have created lists at, add it to as list. If not, ignore this option.
  8. Press ‘Publish’.
  9. Return to your post and click on ‘Add smart map thumbnail to your post’.
  10. Press ‘Update’.
  11. The thumbnail is automatically set to 600×400 pixels and will appear as a footer in your article. You can manually adjust the size and location of the thumbnail in the WordPress editing tool.

How do I add a point to a Wemap list?

The Wemap WordPress plugin enables you to seamlessly add any newly created point to a previously created list and the associated smart map.

Publish a new post, select the desired list and your latest post is automatically available as a thumbnail for your post and as point in your mash-up map.

  1. Log into to your WemapWordPress account at
  2. Create a new list (eg Restaurants, Bars or Downtown).
  3. Return to your WordPress admin pages.
  4. Follow the instructions of “How do I create a point?”
  5. Select the desired list in the ‘Add this post to a livemap’ window.
  6. Include the thumbnail of your post and, or your mash-up map as well (see instructions for “How to add a smart map to a post?”)

How do I add a smart map to a post?

The Wemap WordPress plugin enables you to embed any map created at into a dedicated post (eg, “Things to do this weekend”) and, or to include a map as part of another article (eg, a ‘Best BBQ joints’ map as a part of a restaurant review post).
1. Log into your WemapWordPress account at
2. Create a new list (eg, Restaurants, Bars or Downtown).
3. Define the parameters of your smart map via the ‘Manage’ menu.
4. Return to your WordPress admin pages.
5. Create a new post or edit your selected post.
6. Confirm that you are logged into the WemapWordPress Plugin.
7. Click on ‘Embed map in your post’.
8. A pop-up will appear asking you to ‘add a Smart Map’ with a dropdown menu.
9. Select the desired map.
10. You can adjust the dimensions of the embedded map as needed.
11. Press the ‘select’ button.
12. The smart map is automatically placed as a footer but you can adjust as needed.

What will the title of my point be?

The point created on the map has the title of the corresponding post, it has in its description the content of the post and a short link that redirects to URL of the article. If you edit your post, the linked point will also be edited, automatically.


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