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Woozapp is the best plugin to Build Real-time mobile Apps for any WordPress Website.


Have a WordPress website but no mobile app?
You are missing hundreds of visitors per day looking for your business in the Apple or Google store.
But now you can repair with our powerful WordPress plugin: in 3 easy steps you’ll be able to get a real mobile app for your WordPress website.


  • Launcher Icon
    Choose an impressive launcher icon. Customize & transform it into a distinct silhouette unique shape.

  • Real Time
    Convert any WordPress website into an app in real time. Apps built with Woozapp can update & sync data instantly in the platform when data changes.


  • Android User Exposure
  • Maximum of the consumers favor apps over websites and used for wide spectrum of purposes such as shopping, banking, messaging, news, sports, and many more.
  • mobile market has been expanding non-stop in every industry.
  • A mobile app can help you to become more available and easily found by millions of users.
  • An android mobile app can become an extension of your brand/business, providing another revenue channel to your business.
  • You can send Message/Alert about offers/discount/new-arrival to all the users of your app, hence it can be extremely beneficial for your brand/business.


This plugin require at least PHP >= 5.4.0.


You can either publish on your own by using APK file generated by Woozapp plugin or let us to submit it to the store.
If you need any help please send an email to


  • Settings


1. Download

Download the Woozapp plugin. After clicking the download link, you will get a zip file.

2. Install

Once you have completed the downloading process, install Woozapp plugin on your WordPress website. You will need to select the downloaded zip file, extract the files & install the plugin.

3. Design and Style

Customize your app to meet your needs by using our Woozapp plugin features.

Perguntas frequentes

What does “Google” or “Apple store submit” mean?

If you don’t want to take care of the submittion process, we can manage it with our developer accounts. This way you won’t need to buy a new developer account (one for Google and one for Apple store), plus we’re going to manage all the submittion process, which can be quite difficult for anybody who is new to mobile world.

Is the “android” package ready to submit?

Absolutely yes. You just need to go to your google developer account dashboard and submit the app.

How does demo work?

You can download a demo that works exactly like the final version. It will last for 15 days, then it will expire.

How many apps I can build?

One for licence purchased.


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