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WP Google Latitude


This plugin is a really simple way to add the Google Latitude “Where Am I” badge code as part of your sidebars. V1.03 fixes a trailing Anchor tag that wasn’t closed properly. In addition, thanks to Dennis Wu ( and Phil Bridges ( for helping to find that SOME users will have a “-” in front of their Latitude id.


  • This is what you should see when editing the configuration of the widget.

  • In Google Latitude, go to your Privacy Settings

  • .. and set your visibility as anything OTHER than “Hide Your Location”


You will need to do the following to make this work

1) Download this plugin

2) Go to

a) change your Google Latitude “Settings” to one of the two “enable” settings.

b) copy the number after “user=” in the displayed script WARNING Some users will be a negative number. If you leave out the “-” it will fail. *****

3) Upload this plugin to your WordPress installation.

4) Go to WP-Admin, Appearance, Widgets, and add the widget to your sidebar of choice.

a) Edit the widget settings to your tastes – ESPECIALLY the Google Latitude ID (unless you’re stalking TheITJuggler 🙂

5) That’s it on WordPress.

6) Go to the device that will be your “Latitude locater” device.

7) Change your privacy settings to be anything OTHER than “Hide Your Location”.

8) That’s it.

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Perguntas frequentes

Can I have multiple WP Google Latitude widgets?

At this stage, no. As this is my first widget, I’m crawling before learning to run.


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