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Wp SpamAinator


This plugin serves as spam-filter for your contact forms powered by machine learning.

It shows the following advantages over other spam prevention methods:

  • It does not hinder your users, the spam detection runs totally in the background (in contrast to captchas or verification questionaries).
  • It does not send the form data to third parties for spam detection. The detection is executed on your server.

Supported Forms Plugins

At the moment, the following form plugins are supported:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Formidable

Supported Languages

At the moment, only english spam mails can be detected.

Normally, only english spam messages should be filtered, but due to the increasing use of english vocabulary in other languages, sometimes messages with other languages could be filtered out too, please keep this in mind.



Navigate to plugins - SpamAinator to
– Configure, how long do you want to store detected spam mails in wordpress
– Show all detected spam mails

Contact Form 7

  • Add spamAinator:Body to your message fild like <label> Your Message [textarea your-message spamAinator:Body] </label>
  • Add spamAinator:Subject to your subject fild like <label> Subject [text your-subject spamAinator:Subject] </label>


  • Add spamainatorsubject to the field key of your subject field
  • Add spamainatorbody to the field key of your message field

Perguntas frequentes

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