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WP Tactical Popup


Lightboxes are a very powerful way to capture your visitors attention. WP Tactical Popups aims to help you do just that. Flexible enough to display HTML advertisements and image lightboxes, yet useable enough to do it in minutes.


Watch the following video(no sound) fullscreen in 1080p to fully see all details.


  • Display Image Popups
  • Display HTML Popups
  • Display Email Opt-in popups (2 colour schemes)
  • Detect any email form (via heuristics)
  • Responsive


  • Up-to-date jQuery
  • PHP5+


  • Selecting an image for the image lightbox option
  • Adding an image lightbox
  • Behaviour settings
  • Overview of all available popups
  • Add the lightbox you like
  • An example on the front-end
  • Email popup example.


Download the .zip file from the WordPress repository and upload it to your website. Follow the steps on the screen. You can also search for WP Tactical Popup via your websites admin interface (via plugins).

Perguntas frequentes

The HTML-lightbox doesnt expand ?

The width defined is a maximum width. So if the code you are showing does not span up to the maximum width, a smaller lightbox will be displayed. In any case, it will scale down on mobile devices.

The lightbox’s position is off and moved down the bottom ?

Make sure that the header.php file of your theme has a HTML5 doctype on the first line.

I made changes but they don’t reflect on the frontend?

Make sure that you clear your cache (browser side and server side).

How do I add an email popup?

Adding an email popup is easy.Click Add Popup and then Add Email popup. In the first tab you will need to paste the form that your email provider supplies you (often called embedded form). This is HTML Code. It will be automatically parsed by the plugin.

The lightbox does not work in IE?

Make sure that the header.php file of your theme starts with an HTML5 doctype.

Nothing seems to appear?

Make sure to clear the cache, delete the cookies and disable any minification plugins. Minifications plugins often cause javascript errors, since they combine all javascript into one file. This changes the relative path and most minification plugins do not take this into account

Are lightboxes (or popups) annoying?

Yes, the most certainly are if you do not configure them properly. In order to reduce the inconvience to the end-user, some specific settings are recommended. Make sure to show only once in seven days after a minimum of two pageloads. A delay of 7 seconds or more is recommended. This gives the user time to go trough your content. Ultimately this will increase your conversions rates significantly.

Can I make Facebook or twitter popups?

Yes, just paste HTML of the Facebook or Twitter buttons inside the HTML field. However, for Facebook you might want to try Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox, which is specialized for this purpose.


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