WPBricks – Library of Gutenberg Blocks & Templates


WPBricks Manager gives you 85+ readymade Custom Gutenberg blocks design options to build awesome websites with just a few clicks.

Gutenberg blocks containing multiple elements with rich customization options that make it easy for you to create and launch any kind of website you want!

WPBricks Manager gives you a suite of high-quality blocks, each with their own precise page builder options that let you build the perfect website and landing page that you envision. Create web pages that are stunning as well as mobile optimized.

WPBricks is a free WordPress theme. It is fully compatible with the WPBricks Manager plugin.

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Key Features


  • We are creating a Gutenberg block design library and that gives you multiple design options for your website.

  • You can use the block in a single click in page and post.


  • We are creating a different industry-specific page and post Gutenberg block template with beautiful design.

You can use the template on your website and each block template comes with a bunch of options to control every possible thing.


  • All blocks have a common advance feature that you can add advance custom CSS, and Enable and disable individual blocks on Mobile and Tablet devices.


  • This design Blocks library is fully compatible with other themes.
  • You can use a readymade design block in any theme and any activated theme.


  • All WPBricks blocks and templates are compatible with the bricks theme.
  • You can build an awesome website with no time!


  • Each block containing multiple elements to control every possible thing.
  • You can design your custom blocks with endless customization options without any single lines of code.


  • No extra resources or messy codes to slow down your website.


We have designed 85+ of the most useful blocks to improve the capability of default Gutenberg editor and allow you to create stunning website designs as per your business needs. There is no limit. The available custom advanced Gutenberg blocks inside WPBricks Manager. Click here for all block demo.

  • Call to Action Block
  • Banner Block
  • Counter Block
  • Team Members Block
  • Our Work Block
  • Testimonials Block
  • Our Partner Logo
  • Blog Posts Block
  • Our Services Block
  • About Us Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Image Gallery Block
  • Contact Us Block
  • Pricing List Block
  • Courses Block
  • Product Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Social Block
  • Key Features Block
  • Timeline Block
  • Info Box Block
  • Video Block


We have designed 20+ of the most useful blocks to improve the capability of default Gutenberg editor and allow you to create stunning website designs as per your business needs. There is no limit.

Bricks Heading Block

Default Gutenberg also provides a Heading block with the limited option, We can only manage alignment of heading. Bricks Heading will give more customization options. List of features as per below:

  • All heading levels from (H1 to H6) also you can change heading size colors etc.
  • Font Color
  • Font Family
  • Font Transform
  • Letter Spacing
  • Spacing

Bricks Button Block

You will get the advance option in Bricks Button as compare to the default button block. Quickly add modern buttons with background color, border style and button spacing in your post or page. List of features as per below:

  • Button Background Text and Border Color with Hover Effect
  • Button Border Styles
  • Button Text Style
  • Button Link and Target
  • Button Spacing

Bricks Image Block

With this block, you can add an image with a different setting panel. List of features as per below:

  • Upload or insert image link from media or anywhere
  • Add alter text
  • Add captions
  • Add link
  • Add border style
  • Spacing

Bricks Media & Text Block

With this block, you can add media image with new settings as per below:

  • Add different layout like (left to right or right to left)
  • Background color
  • Alignment
  • Image settings
  • Content box setting with spacing

Bricks Separator Block

Supercharge the separator tool with size, color, spaces

Separator block allows you to add separators sections on your page.you can apply a different style and many more. List of features as per below:

  • Separator Style
  • Separator Width Height
  • Separator Color
  • Separator Spacing

Bricks Counter Block

Counter Block is great for showcasing interesting stats on your page. The counter will count up from 0 to your designated number when the page is visited. List of features as per below

  • Counter type (ie. Number, Bar, Circle)
  • Add special character before and after the numbers
  • Counter number and symbols text style
  • Color settings

Bricks List Block

List block provides listing data with different bullets style and setting. But default listing block not provided.

  • Different Bullet Style
  • Bullet Color
  • Upload Custom List Icon
  • Add Font Style
  • Spacing

Bricks Countdown Block

Countdown Block adds a countdown timer to boost your click-through rates on your website.

  • Add Countdown by Calendar
  • Set Font Size and Font Color
  • Set Background Color and Spacing
  • Text style
  • Spacing between Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Bricks Icon Block

Icon Block add different font awesome icons

  • Choose any icon from the list
  • Manage Icon Size, Color and border
  • Set Spacing

Bricks Columns Block

Default column block has limited functionality. Bricks Columns blocks, you can add two columns and add different blocks into those columns and manage another setting as per below.

  • Column width
  • Column spacing
  • Column alignment

Bricks Slider Block

Slider block can add images with a slider. Multiple settings for brick slider as per below.

  • Slide image speed
  • Slide image effect
  • Slide image link
  • Slider arrow (Hide show)

Bricks Gallery Block

Show your image gallery with a beautiful grid and lightbox. you can set different settings like this.

  • Gallery image view (ie. Masonry, Square, Slider)
  • Gallery Column setting

Bricks Layout Block

Layout block shows different layout and on that layout, you can use multiple blocks

  • Choose layout (Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar)

Bricks Social Block

Using this block you can add a list of social link with social icons

  • Add Social media links (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Email, Gmail, Yahoo, Print )
  • Select a different Button Style
  • Select Social Text and Icon
  • Button Shape
  • Spacing

Bricks Popup Block

This block can show content on a popup with Below list setting:

  • Popup Link Setting (ie, button or Normal text)
  • Button Setting with Color Spacing Alignment
  • Text setting with Color, Font Family

Bricks Accordion Block

Accordion block allows you to display information in collapsible rows. This is can be used to display text-heavy content such as FAQs. You can add any other block inside the accordion content block. other settings as per below

  • Accordion Border Setting
  • Accordion Heading Setting
  • Accordion Content Setting

Bricks Tab Block

With Tab block display tabs in page and post. We have add new features as per below

  • Tab title setting like color Font Active color, Spacing
  • Tab Content Setting
  • Tab Border Setting

Bricks Select Block

This Select block has a bunch of readymades Gutenberg blocks.

It is created by using above all Bricks blocks.

You can select a block and use it anywhere any theme.

you can customize as per your requirement.

We also provide a bunch of readymades Gutenberg block templates as per below:

  • Yoga
  • Resume
  • Restaurant
  • Consulting
  • Design Agency
  • Real Estate
  • SEO Marketing


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  • Upload the folder ‘wpbricks’ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in wordpress.


  • Select the block
  • Select the template
  • Filter the block by search
  • Filter the template by search
  • Select the theme
  • Block edit
  • Banner block
  • Counter block
  • Key features Block
  • Blog post Block
  • Price List Block
  • Service Block
  • Team member Block
  • Testimonial Block


Este plugin inclui 23 blocos.

Bricks Gallery
Bricks Tab
Brick Image
Bricks Separator
Bricks Ready Blocks
Bricks Popup
Bricks Countdown
Bricks Button
Bricks Counter
Bricks Columns
Bricks - Column
Bricks Media & Text
Bricks List
Bricks Heading
Bricks Accordion
Bricks - Accordion Items
Bricks Slider
Bricks Icons
MultiPurpose Gutenberg Block
Bricks Layout
Right sidebar Column
Bricks Social
WPBricks - Library of Gutenberg Blocks & Templates


8 de Agosto, 2020
Exactamente lo que necesitabamos en cuanto a bloques compuestos en Gutenberg y los temas son sencillos y por ello se pueden modificar fácilmente, no como esos temas que instalan un montón de cosas obligatorias que uno ni conoce. Excelente plugin! Muchas gracias.
6 de Abril, 2020
I like WPBricks Manager for its functionality and simplicity. They provide many different types of ready-to-use, Gutenberg Block, template and theme. So We can build any type of website.
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2.0.5 08/10/2020

  • New – Add Inline Bricks Block CSS in MultiPurpose Gutenberg Block

2.0.4 24/08/2020

  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.5
  • New – Integrate Black Olives Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Fitness Point Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Appify Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Appify Light Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Appify Dark Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Real Estate Theme Library – View Demo

2.0.3 27/07/2020

  • Fixed – link not working in search section when no data found
  • Update notification duration

2.0.2 24/07/2020

  • Update node modules
  • Fixed – Searching issue in addons section
  • Fixed issue with package.json
  • Fixed design issue in theme and addons section
  • Added new notification

2.0.1 22/07/2020

  • Fixed – Import content issue

2.0 15/07/2020

  • New – Integrate Black Olives Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Admin interface with react
  • New – Category based search block and template
  • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 4.3.x

1.1.7 05/06/2020

  • New – Integrate Furniture Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Consulting Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Gym Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Shoes Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Cosmetic Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Design Agency Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Fashion Theme Library – View Demo
  • Minor bug fixed in admin side block/theme view pagination.

1.1.6 20/05/2020

  • New – Integrate Photography Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – WPBricks Portfolio Block Addons – Create an effective and dynamic portfolio section on your website.
  • Minor bug fixed in addons tab.

1.1.5 05/05/2020

  • New – Integrate Music Theme Library – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Addons Library
  • New – WPBricks FAQ Block Addons – Create an effective and dynamic FAQ section on your website. It allows you to add multiple FAQs and filter by category and tag-based
  • Fix – Gallery block popup issue

1.1.4 27/04/2020

  • New – Integrate Event Theme Banner Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme Team Member Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme Our Partner Logo Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme Counter Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme Image Gallery Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme Pricing List Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme About Us Block – View Demo
  • New – Integrate Event Theme About Us Block – View Demo
  • Resolved admin block design same as per front view.
  • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 4.0.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.4.x

1.1.3 14/04/2020

  • Resolved issue of importing Static Post Page.
  • New – Integrate Event Theme Library – View Demo

1.1.2 08/04/2020

  • Minor design bug fixed.

1.1.1 07/04/2020

  • Minor bug fixed.

1.1 01/04/2020

  • New – Block Library
  • New – Template Library
  • New – Theme Library

1.0.3 26/02/2019

  • Minor bug fixed.

1.0.2 22/11/2019

  • Modify the screenshots to show the steps of how plugin works.
  • We have changed the position of Bricks Blocks at the top from listing block categories.
  • We have changed the position of CSS at appropriate place.
  • We have made some layout changes with the new released theme.

1.0.1 13/11/2019

  • Freemius Integrate

1.0 07/11/2019

  • First release!