WPS Telegram Chat


The WPS Telegram Chat Plugin by wpSolution is free! Plugin features:

  • Embeds live chat to your site
  • Chat Schedule settings
  • Show chat only on specific pages
  • Bypass the ban on Telegram by making use of proxy
  • Use shortcode to insert a contact form into a WordPress post or page, which will send a message to the telegram bot instead of email.
  • Receive emails for the site Admin into Telegram App

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If you have a website and you are serious about your business, you cannot overlook the importance of live chat.
Want to communicate with customers while they’re browsing your website? Add Telegram chat widget to WordPress.
Make use of the large user base of Telegram. Encourage visitors to get in touch with you via the messaging app they prefer.

Via Telegram button, you can offer support directly, accept order on Telegram, build trust, and increase customer loyalty.
Using Telegram messenger on your website, you will stay in touch with your audience at any time and regardless of your location.

We ensure the perfect compatibility of WPS Telegram Chat and WordPress.
It works well with any WP theme without requiring any modifications. Several setup options are possible for better comfort…


  • Use your Telegram messenger for Live Chat on the website
  • Connect your website with Telegram App
  • Set plugin options
  • Check settings automatically
  • Customize your preferences
  • Customize your Schedule
  • Other preferences


  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then find the [-Plugins-] menu.
  • Click on [-Add New-] and search for “WPS Telegram Chat”.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Click the [-Telegram Chat-] menu on the left.
  • Set plugin options…

For more detailed instructions Visit plugin site

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For more detailed instructions Visit plugin site

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16 Junho, 2024 1 reply
Working great with simple clicks,doing the base function well but have some idea for improvment :Receive File ( image , excel , zip .. ) from telegram and let use download the file ( very useful ) ,Send message by Enter ( mobile and pc ) ,Play a sound when Receive message ,Notify user that support ( person who reply from telegram ) is online and show user typing status
4 Novembro, 2023
After using several TG+chatbot application in other projects, I come back Wordpress and find almost every live chatbot is asking extra$$$ for mobile app integration. Just about to code my own and found this great plugin. Thank you team!
17 Outubro, 2023
Давно искал чат именно через Телеграм бота чтоб работал. Очень удобно, отвечаешь сразу в Телеграме, не нужно устанавливать отдельные приложения и тд. Поддержка на высшем уровне! Спасибо автору!
4 Setembro, 2023
I found this plugin when my projects needed feedback from site visitors through a telegram bot. Great job, easy to set up and turn on. The developer consulted and helped to solve some issues on setting up. I highly recommend the plugin, because with it you will always be in touch with your site and with your customers!
3 Junho, 2023
I recently had the opportunity to explore the WPS Telegram Chat plugin for WordPress, and I must say that it has greatly enhanced the communication capabilities of my website. I appreciate that it didn’t require extensive coding or complex settings to get started. Overall, the WPS Telegram Chat plugin has been a valuable addition to my WordPress website.
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Consulte o código, consulte o repositório SVN, ou subscreva o registo de alterações por RSS.

Registo de alterações


  • Improved sound notification
  • New setting “Required fields” asks for Username, Email or phone before sending a message.
  • After sending the message, calls the getUpdate method


  • Opportunities for developers. Developers can use custom hooks to extend the plugin’s capabilities.

‘wps_after_send_message’ – register a callback function to handle submitted data
‘wps_after_get_response’ – register a callback function to handle response data


  • Updated cookie process
  • Using Web Worker to receive messages in inactive tabs
  • Blinking site favIcon in inactive tab when a new message arrives
  • Play notification sound when a new message arrives


  • Tested with WordPress 6.6
  • Added URL parameter wpschat=fullscreen this is convenient for opening the chat in full screen on mobile devices


  • Fix for google script proxy


Release date: Octomber 27th, 2023

  • New “Proxy options” for Bypass the ban on Telegram
  • Supports Cloudflare or Google Script as proxy
  • Supports other proxies by PHP


  • Important update for compatibility PHP 7.0 or higher
  • Customize your chat with custom CSS styling


  • Important update for Improvement performance
  • Improvement user experience


  • Fix schedule bug if the site locale is different from English


  • New option “Receive emails for the site Admin into Telegram App”
  • Added Ukrainian translation


  • Fixed a bug, if the chat is minimized, but a message arrives, then open the chat


Release date: May 1st, 2023

  • Added a shortcode to insert a contact form into a WordPress post or page, which will send a message to the telegram bot instead of email
  • New option “Placeholder” text, specifies a short hint like “Type your message here…” in the input field before the user enters a value
  • Other minor improvements


  • New option “Only on specific pages”
  • Other minor improvements

Show chat only on specific pages, by default chat shown on all pages.


  • Added Russian translation
  • Improvements for translation


  • Fixed a bug with duplicate responses
  • Other minor improvements


  • Hotfixes for PHP Warnings


  • Small design changes
  • Hotkeys added: “Esc” – Closes the chat, “Ctrl+Enter” – Sends a message
  • New option “Telegram Link”

If the link is specified, then the telegram icon is shown in the chat header, clicking on which opens the Telegram App.


  • Fixed css for compatibility with Bootstrap


Release date: October 23th, 2022

  • New option “Offline Message”
  • New option “Schedule”

If the user does not receive a response within the first minute and depending on the “Schedule” an “Offline Message” will be displayed.


Release date: September 23th, 2022

  • First release
  • Live tested on real devices
  • Integrated Spam Protection
  • No bugs found