Este plugin não foi testado com as 3 últimas grandes versões do WordPress. Pode já não ser suportado e pode ter problemas de compatibilidade quando usado com versões mais recentes do WordPress.

Content Insights


smartocto insights (fomer Content Insights) is a premium content performance analytics tool, delivering unprecedented insights into user behaviour and engagement.

By signing up for smartocto Insights you’re not only getting an unrivalled analytics tool, but also access to world renowned brands looking for content creators to work with.

After installing the plugin, your article data will be collected by tracking code and insights will be available through the smartocto insights web application.

NOTE: If your site uses AJAX to load content dynamically (e.g. infinite scroll), please contact our support by sending an email to before activating this plugin.


  1. Sign up for smartocto insights (provided by our support team)
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Upload ‘contentinsights’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Under Settings > Content Insights, enter your Site ID manually or try to obtain it automatically
  6. Save changes


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Contribuidores e programadores

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Registo de alterações


  • Added access_level property (set to “free”)
  • Added reader_type property (“anonymous” or “registered”)
  • Introduced smartocto insights instead of Content Insights, changed email and web links


  • Add useful description and contact links


  • Ability to add excludecontent selectors
  • Ability to include Pages
  • New tracking parameters (excludecontent, article_type)


  • Ability to track main content area


  • Initial release