Essential Blocks for Gutenberg


Essential Blocks Library for WordPress Gutenberg editor comes from the developer of most popular elements library Essential Addons for Elementor.

Add powers to your page and post builder using our easy-to-use blocks those were designed to make your next WordPress page and posts design easier and prettier than ever before.

Enhance your Gutenberg experience with 14 creative blocks (More coming soon). Add powers to your WordPress editor using our easy-to-use blocks which are designed to make your next WordPress page or posts design easier and prettier than ever before.

Completely Customizable

Each block comes with a bunch of options to control every possible thing. You can design your blocks with endless customization options without any single lines of code.

Light Weight & Instant Loading

No extra resources or messy codes to slow down your website. Optimized for super fast loading and instant Live editing.

Blocks Control Option

Enable and disable individual blocks to make your page loading faster and smoother. You can deactivate unnecessary blocks to keep the site lite.

Expert Support

We have extra-ordinary support team ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum, we will get back to you immediately.


We have designed 22+ of the most useful blocks to improve how you use Gutenberg editior and allow you to climb the top of your design capabilities.

  • Accordion – Add beautiful accordions in your pages, posts, and anywhere.
  • Button – Quickly add modern buttons with hover effect in your post or page
  • Call To Action – Design call-to-action buttons before a blink
  • Countdown – Include a countdown time to boost your click-through rates
  • Flipbox – Use animated Flip Boxes to highlight any content inside your page in a great way
  • Infobox – Design beautiful info box from predefined styles
  • Notice – Inform your users with specific Notice information and let them stay well aware about what’s imprtant
  • Pricing Table – Create Pricing Tables within minutes that converts
  • Social – Let them share your content with different social media platforms.
  • Team Member – Feature your team members with few clicks
  • Testimonial – Showcase what others said about your brand & Increase Your Credibility
  • Progress Bar – Display how far the specific task or still is in the process
  • Interctive Promo – Showcase your content heading in an amazing way
  • Image Comparison – Let your viewers compare between two images
  • Block Wrapper – Place any block within the wrapper and style the wrapper
  • Instagram Feed – Display your Instagram Feed beautifully
  • Image Gallery – Show your image gallery with beautiful grid and lightbox
  • Heading – Advanced Heading block with lots of customization options
  • Dual Button – Show dual button with nice text or icon separator.
  • Parallax Slider – Create a fancy slider to showcase your team or any image gallery.
  • Typing Text – Design your page using Typing text with an eye-catching typing effect.
  • Image Slider – Create amazing slider within your Gutenberg Editor.
  • Content Toggle – Switch content or blocks with a beautiful switcher.

More blocks and demos coming soon (weekly update)



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Este plugin inclui 23 blocos.

Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
Essential Blocks for Gutenberg


12 de Abril, 2019
I remember adding UI features like accordions using shortcodes in the past. It used to be tedious as writing HTML, and was very difficult to understand for my novice clients then. Happy to see this plugin leverage the power of Gutenberg to add some great UI elements with much more simplicity and intuitiveness. True to the spirit of WYSIWYG. What sets this plugin apart from other "user friendly" page builders, is that it rides on top of core Gutenberg, and results in the same clean HTML code which Gutenberg produces for its core blocks. Awesome experience with the test drive so far!
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Registo de alterações

= 2.2.0 – 30/09/2020

  • New: Toggle Content block
  • Added: Typography controllers for related blocks
  • Added: Custom color controller
  • Fixed: Instagram Feed issue ( updated API version )
  • Improved: Loading block related frontend js files ( load only when block is enabled )

= 2.1.0 – 18/06/2020

  • New: Image Slider block
  • Fixed: Parallax Slider font change crash issue
  • Fixed: Team member image height/width change crash issue
  • Fixed: Infobox number change crash issue
  • Fixed: Dual Button link change crash issue
  • Fixed: Countdown border color change crash issue
  • Fixed: Instagram Feed frontend display issue
  • Fixed: Image Comparison handle bar dissapear issue
  • Fixed: Image Gallery masonry layout crash issue

= 2.0.2 – 18/05/2020

  • Fixed : Parallax Slider console error
  • Added : Global enable/disable block buttons
  • Fixed : Category display issue in re-usable block section
  • Fixed : Image Comparison loading issue

= 2.0.1 – 20/04/2020

  • Added : Missing text-domain for all blocks
  • Fixed : Conflicting stylesheet for admin

= 2.0.0 – 19/04/2020

  • Total revamp of the plugin with CLI

= 1.3.1 – 02/04/2020

  • Fixed : Dual button connector display issue
  • Fixed : Social icon display when selected
  • Improvement : Change acordion height on window resize
  • Improvement : Responsiveness for all blocks

= 1.3.0 – 23/03/2020

  • Added : Parallax Slider Element
  • Added : Block Preview for all blocks
  • Improvement : Replaced all deprecated methods
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

= 1.2.0 – 17/09/2019

  • Added : Row Element
  • Added : Instagram Feed
  • Added : Image Gallery
  • Added : Heading
  • Added : Dual Button
  • Improved : All blocks default styles
  • Improved : Refractored the plugin structure for better performance
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

= 1.1.2 – 09/05/2019

  • Block meta data added
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.1 – 24/04/2019

  • New Block : Block Wrapper

1.1.0 – 08/04/2019

  • 7 New Blocks: Button , Call to Action, Image Comparison, Interactive Promo, Notice, Pricing Table and Progress Bar
  • Enhancement: Accordion, Infobox, Flipbox, Team Member, Testimonial, Social and Countdown
  • Enhancement: Options Panel added with Modular Controls and Community Links
  • Enhancement: Infobox: Added Background Image, Button Style, Border, Shadow and Spacing.
  • Flipbox: Added Alignment Toolbar, Gradient Color and Icon.
  • Enhancement: Default Style Improved
  • Enhancement: Updated to Font Awesome 5.8.1
  • Enhancement: Icon Picker Added
  • Enhancement: Unit Controller ( px/em/% ) Added
  • Enhancement: Dimensions Controller Added
  • Enhancement: Separated Frontend Files
  • Enhancement: Refactored Plugin Structure for improved performance

1.0.0 – 09/12/2018

Initial stable realese