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Find My Blocks is a WordPress plugin built to help (as it says in the name) find where you have used specific Gutenberg blocks on your WordPress website.

Gutenberg is a great tool to make managing content on your WordPress website easier. However after a while, updating and maintaining blocks can become a hassle for developers. It can become hard to keep track of what posts/pages a block is used on, or how many times it has used. This makes maintaining Gutenberg websites quite difficult.

Find my blocks is a tool that is here to help. With Find My Blocks you can get:

  • A list of all the block types that are being used on your WordPress website.
  • The amount of times a specific block type has been used on your WordPress website.
  • The posts/pages that a block has been used on.
  • The amount of times a block has been used on a specific post/page.
  • If the block is a “Reusable Block”
  • If the block is a “Nested Block”
  • A filtered list of block names to help you find the block that you are looking for.
  • What are your most used, and least used blocks on your website.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/find-my-blocks directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Tools->Find My Blocks screen to locate all of your blocks

Perguntas frequentes

Will this work with custom blocks

Yes, this plugin will work with all blocks registered and used on your site.


28 de Outubro, 2020
Great tool, why you *can't* do this from the core dashboard, who knows! Allows you to audit your posts, and find old plugins that might only be in use in a few posts and could be replaced, especially now there are even more core blocks!
7 de Outubro, 2020
Leaving this here as a notice to others, as I almost damaged my site using this plugin. Despite mentioning it finds all custom blocks, this is not the case. This plugin does not find blocks inside of other blocks (nested blocks) Things like columns or block wrapper blocks will be shown, but if you place any content inside of these blocks, like in my case, a Jetpack Tiled Gallery inside of a Qubely block wrapper or Row/Column block, it does not display the blocks inside of them AT ALL. Beware of this if you use nested blocks on any of your pages. You still need to manually check those pages to see what's inside of them.
17 de Setembro, 2020
Thank goodness for this plugin, which fills a noticeable hole in core! I like being able to disable some blocks using the block manager, but until I found this, I was never confident that I wasn't disabling something that someone had used in a post! Thank you!
30 de Agosto, 2020
Neat - well laid out, logical and fills a need. Especially useful if using more than one Gutenberg addon. Cheers
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Registo de alterações


  • Fixes a 🐛 that was causing the plugin to not load on some sites.


  • Allows for filtering by block name on the API endpoint. (/wp-json/find-my-blocks/blocks?name=core/button)


  • Changes to use WordPress components and match WordPress styling
  • Includes private, pending, and future status posts in main query
  • Allows the ability to optionally include drafts
  • Fixes a 🐛 where cards would change order for no reason


  • Checks for nested blocks.
  • Adds a tag to a card if the block is nested


  • Hides the “core-embed” blocks with the “Hide Core Blocks” option.
  • Fixes the broken link when plugin is first activated.


  • Moves the menu item to Tools > Find My Blocks.
  • Hides core blocks by default. The option to show and hide core blocks is now
    in settings.
  • Settings moved from top of blocks to side on wider screens.


  • Fixed the navigation showing ‘Found in 1 postfalse’ when only one post found


  • Fixed a bug where the page refresh didn’t properly set the active block


  • Moves Find My Blocks out of the Settings menu and into its own sidebar item
  • Layout moved off of WordPress components to allow better testing
  • On initial load, the proper first navigation will be selected as active
  • When the page is refreshed, the selected block will stay active
  • Allows sorting of navigation and cards
  • Launches official website


  • Allows the editor role to use the plugin


  • Sorts the list of the navigation alphabetically.
  • Sorts the list of pages alphabetically.
  • Some updates to styling to bring more inline with Gutenberg and WordPress


  • Adds a Filter Input to allow you to filter blocks in the menu.
  • Updates the style of the header to be just a little bit nicer.
  • Adds a loading screen so that you are not bored waiting for the page to load.


  • Adds a message to notify the amount of times a block has been used in a post.
  • Removes some old, unused functionality.


  • Initial Release