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Float Menu is a free WordPress plugin to create and place a unique floating menu on your website. The extension allows users to get access to the functions of the panel regardless of its position on the resource. The menu moves along with the scrolling of the page and always remains in visibility.

The Float Menu extension will create the convenient floating menu for your site. The panel does not take up much of the screen space and is always available to the user. Connecting the tool to a web resource will provide an opportunity to increase its usability and attractiveness. The menu is easily customizable for different site themes.

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Main features

The Float Menu makes user interaction with the site more comfortable. It can increase the conversion by improving the functionality of the web resource. Among the capabilities of the tool:

  • create unlimited menu;
  • 2 positions to display the panel: left or right on the page;
  • add and customize labels of the buttons;
  • edit indents between the menu items;
  • square shape of the buttons;
  • more than 1600+ Font Awesome 5 icons;
  • select the color for each icon;
  • insert any links;
  • open a link in a new window;
  • set the background color for the button.

Float Menu can be used for:

  • site navigation;
  • main menu;
  • contact block;
  • additional menu;
  • user profile navigation and other.

Pro version

Open access to all the extension features with the Pro-version of the plugin. It helps the administrator of the web resource to get the opportunity to:

  • create an unlimited amount of menus on the site;
  • add submenu items;
  • create search menu item;
  • create items with function page translate
  • align the menu layout vertically;
  • change the form of the button display;
  • add 7 animation effects to display the labels and edit the speed of it output;
  • set detailed adjustment of submenu elements;
  • add 4 animation options to display the submenu;
  • set the position of the elements: under the main button, on the side or round;
  • connect and edit the built-in modal window, align it, change the color and style of the corners;
  • use custom image;
  • connect the built-in user menu, print function and social buttons;
  • display elements according to the ID or class;
  • edit the title and content of the built-in pop-up block;
  • display various forms, counters, calculators, social buttons and much more via the modal window;
  • change the display of the menu depending on the status and role of the user;
  • set panel output limits for oversized and small screens;
  • customize the menu display for sites with different languages;
  • set the display of navigation on all pages of the resource or in individual posts, use to output the category, IDs and exclusions, insert the panel via the shortcode;
  • And more…

Preview of Pro version

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  • Installation option 1: Find and install this plugin in the Plugins -> Add new section of your wp-admin
  • Installation option 2: Download the zip file, then upload the plugin via the wp-admin in the Plugins -> Add new section. Or unzip the archive and upload the folder to the plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/ via ftp
  • Press Activate when you have installed the plugin via dashboard or press Activate in the in the Plugins list
  • Go to Float Menu section that will appear in your main menu on the left
  • Click Add new to create your first menu
  • Setup your menu
  • Click Save


28 Março, 2023 1 reply
I installed it on a site I haven't touched in 3 years - still works without a problem
16 Janeiro, 2023 2 replies
This is my goto plugin for sidebars. I really hate popups but this is elegant, and user-friendly. Clients always ask for multiple items to be "on the top" or more visible. Instead of trying to constantly adjust menus and banners, this sorts the entire problem out!
15 Agosto, 2022 2 replies
Straight up - great plugin, period. I think the $25 price point is perfect, with the pandemic, global warming, worldwide inflation, cusps of global thermonuclear war with Russia - $25 was the perfect price for an excellent plugin. Thanks!
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  • Updated: FontAwesome to version 6.4.2


  • Fixed: sanitize saving Link


  • Fixed: minor bugs in page-list


  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Added: hover colors for menu items
  • Added: support emoji in item label
  • Improved: styles and scripts


  • Fixed: insert the special link


  • Fixed: security update


  • Added: added the ability to add a shortcode to pages


  • Added: function ‘Export/Import’


  • Fixed: Attribute ‘ID’ for menu item


  • Added: option ‘Attribute: rel’ to link
  • Fixed: options ‘Test Mode’ and ‘Activated’


  • Added: option ‘Activate/Deactivate’
  • Added: option ‘Test mode’
  • Changed: admin style


  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Fixed: conflict with old font awesome icons library


  • Updated: FontAwesome icons to version 5.15.3
  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Fixed: link with URL which contains #
  • Updated: Font Awesome Icons to version 5.14


  • Fixed: FontAwesome conflict with old version


  • Changed: ajax update
  • Fixed: minor bugs
  • Fixed: FontAwesome conflict with old version
  • Optimized: code for cache plugin


  • Fixed: Conflict with old version of the icon font


  • Fixed: minor bug with translate


  • Updated: Font Awesome Icon to version 5.11.2


  • Added: mobile rules


  • Fixed: minifying the scripts


  • Added: option for disabling FontAwesome 5 from front-end
  • Added: custom atributtes CLASS and ID to the menu item
  • Updated: Font Awesome to version 5.6
  • Changed: admin style
  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Fixed: color picker alpha for WordPress 4.9


  • Fixed: Main Class
  • Fixed: Updating
  • Fixed: Support page


  • Fixed: minor bugs
  • Added: Support page
  • Added: Discount page


  • Added: function hiding menu on mobile
  • Changed: admin style


  • Fixed: admin style
  • Fixed: toogle and sortible of menu items


  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Added: sort function;
  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: font icon


  • Initial release