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Data443 is a Data Security and Compliance company traded on the OTCMarkets as LDSR. We have been providing leading GDPR compliance products such as ClassiDocs, Blockchain privacy, and enterprise cloud eDiscovery tools.

The GDPR regulation is a large and complex law. Each member country is to ratify it into its own legilsation and language. This makes it cumbersome to manage – but rest asssured – we have a full Site Owners Guide to help you learn and understand some of your requirements.

This product gives a simple and elegant interface to handle Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). In a few clicks, you can:


☑ Enable DSAR on one page – allow even those without an account to automatically view, export and delete their personal data;
☑ Configure the plugin to delete or anonymize personal data automatically or send a notification and allow admins to do it manually;
☑ Track, manage and withdraw consent;
☑ Generate a GDPR-compatible Privacy Policy template for your site;
☑ Use a helpful installation wizard to get you started quickly;
☑ Report on related data items within your WordPress installation;
☑ Significantly reduce your staff time efforts dealing with DSARs;
☑ Enable your larger organization to summarize and consolidate DSAR work;
☑ Report to management on DSAR status, volume and data requirements;
☑ We provide this fully documented;
☑ We are developer-friendly. Everything can be extended, every feature and template can be overridden.
☑ Cookie solution
☑ Integration with ClassiDocs
☑ Integration with Woocommerce Version 3.4.0 or later.
☑ Integration with Easy Digital Download Version 2.6 or later.
☑ Integration with Email Subscribers & Newsletters.


Please disable (or otherwise remove) caching capabilities from the plugin pages – as these are very dynamic and based on use interaction.


Using The GDPR Framework does NOT guarantee compliance to GDPR. This plugin gives you general information and tools, but is NOT meant to serve as complete compliance package. Compliance to GDPR is risk-based ongoing process that involves your whole business. Codelight is not eligible for any claim or action based on any information or functionality provided by this plugin.


Full documentation: The WordPress Site Owner’s Guide to GDPR
For developers: Developer Docs
For users: Knowledge Base

Plugin support:

The GDPR Framework currently works with the following plugins
☑ Contact Form 7 & Contact Form Flamingo
☑ Gravity Forms – Download the GDPR add-on
☑ Formidable Forms – Download the GDPR add-on
☑ Ninja Forms – Download the GDPR add-on
Easy Digital Download
Email Subscribers & Newsletters


Download and Activation

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. ‘The GDPR Framework’ will be managed at Tool>Privacy tab.
  4. The page ‘Privacy Tools’ will be created after Setup Wizard. This page displays the form where visitors can submit their request.

Setup Guide

Steps to add consent with contact form 7 are as follow:
1. First, need to create consent “Tool > Consent > Add consent type” .
2. Then note down the slug for example the slug is “contact_acceptance”
3. Then go to the contact form 7 click on Acceptance button a pop-up will get open.
4. Add the name of that acceptance same as that of slug i.e “contact_acceptance”.
5. Insert the tag then save the form then it will be embedded with contact form 7.

Compatibility Guide:

To make Easy Digital Download and Woo-commerce compatible with the plugin you need to check checkbox at Tools > Data443 GDPR > general > Woocommerce Integration / Easy Digital Download Integration.

Add consent to Easy Digital download:

You need to turn on the default EDD consent from Downloads > Settings > Privacy
and have to check checkboxs for “Agree to Privacy Policy” and “Show the Privacy Policy on checkout”.

Perguntas frequentes

Help, the identification emails are not sent!

The GDPR Framework uses the exact same mechanism for sending emails as the rest of your WordPress site. Please test if your site sends out emails at all using the Forgot Password form, for example.
If you get the forgot password email but not the identification email, please make a post in the support forums.

Help, the link in the identification email doesn’t work!

Are you using SendGrid or another email delivery service? This might corrupt the link in the email.
In case you’re using Sendgrid, make sure to turn off “click tracking”. Otherwise, please post in the support forum!

Help, the Privacy Tools page acts weirdly or always displays the “link expired” message!

Check if you’re using any caching plugins. If yes, then make sure the Privacy Tools page is excluded.
Also check if a server side cache is enabled by your web host.

How is this plugin different from the tools in WordPress v4.9.6?

WordPress 4.9.6 provides tools to allow administrators to manually handle GDPR requests. However, the GDPR framework allows visitors to automatically download and export data to reduce administrative work load.
In addition to that, we provide tools to manage and track custom consent types and also a privacy policy generator.
We are also planning to add other important privacy-related features missing from WordPress core over time.


15 de Setembro, 2019
I've tested various GDPR plugins, and the GDPR Framework was definitely the best in my opinion. You've got a privacy policy template generated for you with a setup wizard, a cookies notice popup (which you can customize from the admin side), a page to manage users data, both on front and back end, plus more options and a lot of information on their website, and all of this for FREE. Thanks a lot for the contribution!
1 de Maio, 2019
GDPR compliance is a complicated matter. Definitely not something you want to wing by yourself. And definitely not something you want to ignore. The obvious solution is a plugin that guides you through the process of making your site compliant. This plugin is the easiest and most comprehensive attempt that I have found so far. It has a wizard that walks you through the setup and lots of options you can configure afterward. It even builds a page where users can download and delete their personal data. It's written by developers for developers, so you can customize just about everything. In today's world, you'd expect to pay a hefty annual subscription for something like this. But the developers are providing it for free. All they're asking is a five-star review, and I'm happy to give it to them. Thanks guys!
2 de Março, 2019
I haven't fully tested this plug-in, but so far so good and covers many GDPR related issues. The GDPR guide on the developers website is great too. If there was also a terms & conditions generator this would be an almost all-in-one solution.
5 de Fevereiro, 2019
Update just completely crashed site (front and back). Had to remove plugin via FTP to regain access. Updated: all corrected now and working well. Changed to 5 stars as now plugin is working well it should solve the pain points of GDPR compliance. Thanks.
19 de Janeiro, 2019
Please add individual cookies management (activate or deactivate each cookie) by user. I want colaborate to translate all plugin in spanish. Can you tell me how is more easy?
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Registo de alterações

1.0.32 (06/10/2019)

  • WPSD-289 : Fix broken POT file
  • WPSD-292 : Comments added without consent ticked
  • WPSD-294 : Fix issue of forget mail with plugin
  • WPSD-295 : Turn or privacy policy link on woocommerce checkout
  • WPSD-298 : Add Slovak Language
  • WPSD-300 : Privacy check on Woocommerce registration page
  • WPSD-303 : Please correct links on Privacy Policy Tab
  • WPSD-328 : Customization for “learn more” on the cookie popup tab

1.0.31 (06/10/2019)

  • WPSD-284 : Translation message missing
  • WPSD-281 : Translate woocommerce privacy consent
  • WPSD-280 : Translated to spanish
  • WPSD-273 : Privacy Tools Email Link – Not entirely working
  • WPSD-266 : Request to add register of full date of accept cookies and policies

1.0.30 (04/15/2019)

  • WPSD-259 : Add newsletter compatability.
  • WPSD-260 : Update Details tab.
  • WPSD-263 : Users Seeing Other Deleted Users Information.

1.0.29 (02/28/2019)

  • WPSD-244 : Error when using ‘Download as table’ with ‘Woocommerce data on GDPR tool’ enabled.
  • WPSD-236 : EDD GDPR complience with tool.
  • WPSD-228 : Add comment consent to export.

1.0.28 (02/28/2019)

  • WPSD-220 : WordPressAdmin::enqueue() going about it horribly wrong.
  • WPSD-231 : Export HMLT ne fonctionne pas / Doesn’t work.
  • WPSD-233,WPSD-233 : Genesis Login Modal Box and frontend Js issue.

1.0.27 (02/26/2019)

  • GDPRF-93 : Update links in Support tab of plugin.
  • WPSD-217 : Privacy tools page in 2 languages site.

1.0.26 (02/05/2019)

  • Fix issue Integration with woocommerce.

1.0.25 (02/04/2019)

  • Version Refresh to ensure latest stable functional – correcting svn upload failure previously

1.0.24 (02/04/2019)

  • SD-203: Enable Privacy Link option doesn’t seem to change anything.
  • GDPRF-84: Update links in Support tab of plugin.
  • GDPRF-83: Integration with WooCommerce.

1.0.23 (01/14/2019)

  • SD-173: Add hook to change the error message on WP comment.
  • GDPRF-80:Add Data443 Privacy Manager tab in plugin.
  • GDPRF-67: During the Automatic Setup that this is indicated.

1.0.22 (12/19/2018)

  • GDPRF-76: Confirm WP 5.0 Support and Compatibility
  • SD-172: Update feature for accept and decline button.
  • SD-170, 171, 174: Custom url for Privacy policy.
  • SD-173: Comment checkbox ignored in WordPress 5.0.
  • SD‌-169: Plugin conflict fix

1.0.21 (12/05/2018)

  • GDPRF‌-60: Update links in support tag in plugin
  • SD‌-138: Resolve header popup issue
  • SD‌-144: The pop-up banner is always visible on the bottom
  • SD‌-145: There is a bug with your Flamingo integration, here’s the fix
  • SD-144: The pop-up banner is always visible on the bottom
  • SD‌-146: Compatibility with Gutenberg plugin
  • SD‌-150: Compatibility to PHP 7.2
  • SD‌-151: error in download plugin
  • SD‌-155: Query Monitor analysis
  • SD-157: fix of Codelight\G\C\C\UserConsentModel->createUserTable() – every admin request

1.0.20 (11/19/2018)

  • SD-133: Cookie Consent first time user popup
  • Fixed couple of entries
  • Make sperate tab for popup settings
  • Inhance popup feature

1.0.19 (11/05/2018)

  • GDPRF-44: Change random function to updated library
  • GDPRF-48 & GDPRF-55: Updated documentation
  • GDPRF-56 & SD-115: Add new Knowledge Base link to Details tab
  • SD-121: How to handle the “No” to cookies consent?
  • SD-123: informal German translation added
  • SD-127: fixed Danish translation issue

1.0.18 (10/23/2018)

  • GDPRF‌-47: Classidocs Integration
  • GDPRF‌-15: Add compatability with avada Fusion Builder
  • GDPRF‌-16: Fix JS conflict when select2 is already loaded
  • SD‌-97: Checkbox conditional checked at admin
  • SD‌-61 & SD‌-112: Fixed translation problems
  • SD‌-104: Consent Tracking and Data Request Help
  • SD‌-108 and SD‌-114: Added contact 7 form instructions to Installation tab
  • SD‌-114: Add setup guid to read me file

1.0.17 (10/1/2018)

  • SD-95: Remove undeclare variable issue
  • SD-96: Remove issue with Error with PHP 7.2.1
  • SD-98,SD-99 & SD-100: Remove Latest Update Conflict.
  • SD-94 & SD-102: Fixed French Translation in .po

1.0.16 (9/26/2018)

  • SD-88: Add “Learn More” the all PO And POT langauges Files
  • SD-89: Remove Issue of redeclare function with DIVI theme
  • GDPRF-1: Make comments privacy policy checkbox optional
  • GDPRF-2: Figure out whether or not logs should be exportable / deletable
  • GDPRF-5: Add fields for changing email sender name and email
  • GDPRF-9: Consider displaying consent log in data export
  • GDPRF-23: Altering text for consent types
  • GDPRF-29: “gdpr_cookie_consent” consent for cookie popup tracking
  • GDPRF-33: Save user logs
  • GDPRF-37: Add dutch to supported languages
  • Manageable popup from backend

1.0.15 (9/11/2018)

  • SD:50: Fix issue with consent
  • SD-80,SD-81 & SD-82: Fix Compatablity issue Contact form 7
  • Add languages for text and buttons on “cookie acceptance” popup
  • Editable cookie acceptance Popup from general tab
  • SD-83: Fix issue with decline button translation
  • GDPRF-50: Changes “Taiwan” from “Taiwan, Province of China”
  • SD-62: Fix translation text issues.
  • GDPRF-43: Made the Privacy Policy checkbox optional
  • GDPRF-49: Change Menu Name to “The GDPR Framework By Data443”

1.0.14 (8/29/2018)

  • Make Cookie Popup Optional

1.0.13 (8/29/2018)

  • Proper update – Upload failure on previous promo

1.0.12 (8/27/2018)

  • GDPRF-27: Change comment consent text
  • GDPRF-36: Add english (canada) to supported languages
  • GDPRF-46: Change checkbox comment
  • GDPRF-31: Added “cookie acceptance” pop up
  • GDPRF-8: Recaptcha Removed
  • GDPRF-24: Make default consent translatable

1.0.11 (8/2018)

Numerous backlog bug fixes including:
* GDPRF-6: Comments checkbox reported to disappear with WPML active
* GDPRF-22: Can’t save on Consent tab
* GDPRF-12: Treat upper- and lowercase chars in visitor email addresses equally
* GDPRF-25: Captcha on privacy tools page
* GDPRF-26: Privacy Tools Delete text change
* GDPRF-17: Add locations outside of US and EU
* GDPRF-11: Ensure + symbol works in email addresses
* GDPRF-13: Privacy Policy: replace “[TODO]” with something that’s not a shortcode format
* GDPRF-39: Confirm “delete my data” when button is pushed
* GDPRF-40: Can’t leave any comments with GDPR activated
* GDPRF-4: Add Polylang compatibility
* GDPRF-34: Validate functionality with most current WP version


  • Fix fatal error caused by Flamingo integration


  • Add support for Contact Form 7 Flamingo
  • Remove nested the_content filter in the consent area editor to avoid potential conflicts with various plugins (Thanks Gary McPherson!)
  • Fix some missing translation strings (Thanks trueqap!)
  • Additional minor tweaks
  • Update Italian translation (Thanks Rienzi Comunica!)


  • Disable Privacy Tools page if not set via admin (fixes infinite redirect issue)
  • Add additional admin notification if Privacy Tools page is not set
  • Additional minor tweaks


  • Update translation pot file
  • Add partial Greek translations (Thanks @webace-creative-studio)


  • Fix administrative roles not being able to comment via admin interface
  • Fix trashed or spam comments not being deleted
  • Minor usability tweaks everywhere
  • Fix PHP5.6 not properly saving custom consent (Thanks @paulnewson!)
  • Fix CF7 always showing as enabled in wizard
  • In Tools > Privacy > Data Subjects, add the display of given consents
  • Add warning about Sendgrid compatibility in the installer
  • Fix issue with installer wizard not properly saving export action
  • Add notice in case the settings are not properly configured
  • Added Bulgarian translation (thanks Zankov Group!)
  • Added partial Italian translation (thanks Matteo Bruno!)


  • Fix installing consent tables and roles properly
  • Add Spanish translations (Thanks @elarequi!)
  • Add partial German translations (Thanks @knodderdachs!)
  • Lower required PHP version to 5.6.0
  • Re-add container alias for DataSubjectManager
  • Fix for installer giving the option to add links to footer for unsupported themes
  • Fix PHP notice in WPML module


  • Fix translations, for real this time
  • Add French translations (Thanks @datagitateur!)
  • Fix PHP warning if WPML is activated
  • Add filter around $headers array for all outgoing emails sent via this plugin


  • Change text domain to ‘gdpr-framework’ to avoid conflict with other plugins
  • Add Portuguese translation (Thanks @kativiti!)
  • Add partial Estonian translation


  • Fix T&C and Privacy Policy URLs on registration and comments forms
  • Add basic styling and separate stylesheet for Privacy Tools page
  • Allow disabling styles for Privacy Tools page via admin
  • Add confirmation notice on deleting data via front-end Privacy Tools
  • Change strings with ‘gdpr-admin’ domain back to ‘gdpr’. Add context to all admin strings.


  • Fix PHP notice on Privacy Tools frontend page if logged in as admin


  • Initial release