My WP Customize Admin/Frontend


Simply and easy-to-use the customize for Admin and Frontend. A lot of custom filters and actions, and included the developer tools.

The demo site is here:

Easy setting screen

Easily customize based on check boxes and text boxes.

Many customization

Freely editable admin sidebar, Admin footer text, Dashboard, Disable Author archive, etc … and more customize. My WP Customize

Custom actions and filters

There are lots of custom actions and filters.

Developer tools

You will speed up to your site creation. Debug on current post, Debug on current using theme, Debug on server info, …etc more helpful info.


  • Admin general.
  • Admin dashboard.
  • Admin sidebar.
  • Admin Toolbar.
  • Admin all posts.
  • Admin post edit.
  • Frontend general.
  • Frontend toolbar.
  • Debug screen.
  • Developer panel on footer.


  1. Upload the entire mywp folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find ‘My WP’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.


24 Maio, 2023
Thanks, great plugin. Helps a lot. Addon for user roles also.Super Plugin. Macht hervorragend was es soll, insbesondere mit dem ebenfalls kostenlosen Addon für user roles.
29 Março, 2023
Great plug in. Light weight, simple, easy to use, does a lot but doesn’t try to do too much. It knows what it’s for and it does it’s job extremely well. After trying a bunch of these, I settled on this, and so far, so good.
11 Outubro, 2023
As for the use of the plugin, I already loved … It’s simple but also very complete !! But unfortunately for me the possibility to export and import the settings, thus making it easier to migrate to other sites or backup.
23 Novembro, 2021
For now I can tell this plugin is working great with an amazing UX consideration. I will implement it for my clients to build nice dashboard environnements ! As the plugin is still maintained in this end of 2021, I recommend it. Thanks for that !
1 Março, 2021
The plugin is not very intuitive, in addition to not being complete as in its previous version, now it is not possible to know in which user role it is being customized, in addition to having to install a plugin, we must continue reloading our website with more plugins Since this by itself does not end up working, the little UX that it had in this version no longer has it, I hope you can solve it.
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Registo de alterações

1.23.0 2023-12-25

  • Added: Debug for rest API.
  • Added: Hide setting for WordPress CORE sitemap.
  • Added: Send X-Frame-Options header on frontend.
  • Fixed: Some small fix.

1.22.2 2023-11-27

  • Fixed: Autovivification fixed for PHP 8.1.

1.22.1 2023-11-25

  • Updated: Compatibility for PHP 8.1 and WP 6.4.
  • Fixed: Hide search box on uploads.
  • Fixed: Print template file name when empty template.
  • Fixed: Change label on post edit.
  • Fixed: Print translation content when empty translation object.

1.22.0 2023-08-14

  • Added: Add disallow to author archive for robots.txt.
  • Added: Hide X-Pingback for response header.
  • Fixed: Text line break adjustment on debug panel, sidebar setting, toolbar setting.
  • Fixed: Get all user roles.
  • Fixed: Sort order column customize on Posts.

1.21.1 2023-05-09

  • Fixed: Misalignment of admin sidebar menu on mobile.
  • Fixed: Hidden avatar icon on Site Editor.
  • Fixed: Some security update(XSS vulnerability).

1.21.0 2023-03-31

  • Added: Change icon for Site Editor.
  • Updated: Update register meta boxes.
  • Updated: Some javascript escapes.
  • Updated: Get current_screen_id for developer tool.
  • Updated: Get default list columns and meta box setting for some controllers.

1.20.1 2022-11-14

  • Added: Hide rest api link and shortlink on HTML meta of Frontend.
  • Updated: Customize post edit when using the block editor.
  • Fixed: Customize the admin toolbar when the user does not have blogs.
  • Fixed: Sortable request when multiple orderby requests on Posts.

1.20.0 2022-05-30

  • Added: Customize columns on terms.
  • Updated: Small improvement in usability.
  • Fixed: Working when no setting on comments, posts, uploads, users.

1.19.1 2022-02-12

  • Added: Hide language selectable on login.
  • Added: Custom UI Admin sidebar menu admin body class.
  • Fixed: Custom UI Admin sidebar menu.
  • Fixed: Small fix.

1.19.0 2022-01-11

  • Added: Debug the post structure, post type structure, capabilities.
  • Added: Hide bulk actions on Posts.
  • Added: Force list show on Media library.

1.18.3 2021-12-09

  • Changed: To setting debug datetime from developer datetime.
  • Added: Debug the post statuses.
  • Updated: Small fix.
  • Fixed: Admin sidebar optimize for mobile/tablet device.
  • Fixed: Admin posts list show expand for mobile/tablet device.

1.18.2 2021-09-27

  • Updated: Show admin toolbar for frontend.
  • Fixed: Admin toolbar menu item for mobile device.
  • Fixed: Show admin sidemenu for mobile device.

1.18.1 2021-09-02

  • Updated: Javascript small update.
  • Fixed: Get the PHP Mailer version.
  • Fixed: PHP static property.
  • Fixed: Hidden default toolbar some icon.
  • Fixed: Return default columns when regist posts columns.
  • Fixed: Hidden column header of posts list.

1.18.0 2021-07-24

  • Added: MyWP admin sidebar menu item is dynamic.
  • Added: Hidden PHP X-Mailer version.
  • Fixed: 0sec data update for cache timeout setting on sidebar&toolbar customize.
  • Fixed: Empty data update for bulk post meta.
  • Updated: PHP 8 support.

1.17.1 2021-06-15

  • Changed: To cast int from intval function.
  • Developping: PHP 8 add support.
  • Fixed: Change order disable for meta boxes.
  • Fixed: Screen scroll when admin custom footer text setted.
  • Added: Current screen info on Developer admin screen.

1.17.0 2021-05-14

  • Updated: Change redirect from wp_redirect() to wp_safe_redirect().
  • Added: View current post on admin toolbar.
  • Added: Custom logger post.

1.16 2021-03-05

  • Fixed: Metabox restrict sortable.
  • Fixed: Contact fields on user edit.
  • Added: Change top left icon on Block Editor.
  • Added: Hide revisions on publish metabox.
  • Added: Hide application password on user edit.
  • Added: Edit current post on frontend admin toolbar.

1.15.0 2020-11-10

  • Removed: Thirdparty for WooCommerce.
  • Added: Shortcode for Term.
  • Added: Update bulk post meta on Posts.
  • Updated: Added collapse menu text when customized admin sidebar.
  • Updated: Debug for upload file.

1.14 2020-08-28

  • Removed: Thirdparty for Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Updated: Customize Document panel on post edit for Block Editor.

1.13.2 2020-07-18

  • Updated: jQuery compatible to 3.x.
  • Updated: How to get all custom fields keys.
  • Updated: Add capability for toolbar item.
  • Fixed: Some small bugs.

1.13.1 2020-04-27

  • Updated: Debug list.

1.13 2020-03-03

  • Added: Frontend toolbar customize.
  • Added: toolbar item and post shortcode.
  • Updated: Cache delete post meta when MywpPostType::get_post.
  • Updated: Column title can be shortcode for Posts.

1.12.2 2019-11-13

  • Fixed: Remove menu item on toolbar customize.
  • Updated: Some small usability.

1.12.1 2019-09-19

  • Added: Inlucde css&js for frontend.
  • Fixed: Remove tags for input css fields.
  • Fixed: Post per page setting on Posts customize.

1.12 2019-06-13

  • Added: Redirect after login.
  • Added: [mywp_url] to post permalink on shortcode.
  • Updated: Remove cache for Sidebar and Toolbar.
  • Fixed: Spaces on sidebar customized when screen zoom.
  • Fixed: Login title filter for WP 5.2.
  • Fixed: Change post type and taxonomy when slow network.

1.11 2019-03-20

  • Added: Login form customize.
  • Updated: Some Frontend debug.
  • Updated: Some network admin debug.

1.10.2 2019-03-06

  • Added: Manager Ajax and Network Manager Ajax actions.
  • Added: Remove transients timing to Sidebar and Toolbar.
  • Added: Automatic output of column body for Posts.
  • Added: Added some features for Frontend.
  • Fixed: Toolbar custom URL to attributes.
  • Fixed: Some bugs.

1.10.1 2019-01-14

  • Fixed: Sidebar custom UI.
  • Fixed: Global $post on Media Libraries.
  • Fixed: abstract setting module function name.
  • Updated: Remove setting with registered list columns.

1.10 2019-01-08

  • Added: Customize Comments columns.
  • Added: Customize Uploads columns.
  • Added: Customize Users columns.
  • Updated: To improve the convenience of plugin.
  • Fixed: Some bugs.

1.9 2018-12-29

  • Added: Customize posts columns.
  • Updated: Thirdparty.

1.8 2018-12-08

  • Fixed: Some bugs.
  • Added: Change the editor for post edit(block/classic).
  • Added: Hide the meta boxes on post edit screen for Block Editor(WP ver5).

1.7.2 2018-11-09

  • Fixed: Empty check for function to value(for PHP5.4).
  • Updated: Check to image file URL.
  • Added: Debug for $_COOKIE.

1.7.1 2018-09-25

  • Fixed: Some bugs/translations.

1.7 2018-09-05

  • Fixed: Some bugs/translations.
  • Updated: Blog ID/Site ID can use to shortcodes.
  • Updated: Organizing hook names.
  • Added: Object for transient.
  • Added: Network manager.

1.6.2 2018-08-09

  • Fixed: Translations.
  • Fixed: Reorder menu items on Sidebar/Toolbar customize.
  • Added: User first name/last name/display name on shortcode.

1.6.1 2018-07-20

  • Fixed: Definition of variable.
  • Updated: Translation file(pot).

1.6 2018-07-10 (Slightly larger update)

  • Enhancement: Some filters added to Model, Controller, Setting.
  • Enhancement: Cache to Sidebar&Toolbar customize.
  • Added: Support taxonomy to Sidebar&Toolbar customize.
  • Added: Dynamic menu items on Toolbar with multisite.
  • Added: Roughly get max allowed packet size(mysql).
  • Added: Some debug lists on Site of Developer.
  • Added: parse_url() on request of Developer.
  • Added: Example debug panel of Developer.
  • Added: Network admin url to Shortcode.
  • Changed: Early get Toolbar items hook.
  • Changed: Model class.
  • Changed: Restlict customize sub items to Sidebar&Toolbar.
  • Changed: Some properties on Thirdparty.
  • Fixed: Show defines to individual site when multisite.
  • Removed: get_plugin_data_by_name on MywpThirdparty.

1.5.8 2018-05-05

  • Enhancement: Show the current queries on Debug tool.

1.5.7 2018-04-18

  • Fixed: Customized sidebar collapse menu.
  • Updated: Custom menu UI on sidebar customize.

1.5.6 2018-04-03

  • Added: Some filters/actions.
  • Fixed: Debug value options, site_options.

1.5.5 2018-03-23

  • Fixed: Only main_query on Archive disable.
  • Fixed: Debug object to options, site_options, find option.

1.5.4 2018-02-27

  • Fixed: Echo array on find option.

1.5.3 2018-02-27

  • Fixed: Code miss on Developer.
  • Fixed: Do shortcode on admin footer text.
  • Fixed: Strict comparison.
  • Added: Debug for options, site_options, blogs, find option.

1.5.2 2018-01-22

  • Fixed: Do shortcode for custom html of admin bar customize.
  • Fixed: Apply some filters for custom footer text of admin general.
  • Fixed: Show icon for using custom icon of sidebar customize.

1.5.1 2017-12-25

  • Added: Debug to user meta on User Edit.
  • Enhancement: Network menu on admin toolbar customize.
  • Fixed: Initialized data fields of controller.

1.5 2017-12-08

  • Added: Shortcode to [mywp_site].
  • Added: Syntax Highlight setting on User Profile.
  • Fixed: Get meta serialize of post type.

1.4 2017-10-30

  • Added: Customize the users page.
  • Added: Disable the user dashboard.
  • Changed: Priority change the main and network on mywp_setting_menus.
  • Enhancement: Show Terms and Taxonomies on single page of Developer.
  • Removed: Function “deep_esc_html” on Helper.

1.3.3 2017-09-08

  • Enhancement: Customize sidebar.

1.3.2 2017-09-03

  • Added: Change the capability for create_posts.
  • Enhancement: Developer.
  • Updated: Model data parse.

1.3.1 2017-08-28

  • Fixed: Setting screen for Network.
  • Added: Update messages posts and edit post.
  • Added: Debug for Network.

1.3 2017-08-23

  • Enhancement: All transients, All Translations, All Crons of debug.
  • Enhancement: Dates of Developer.
  • Updated: Require WordPress version to 4.7.

1.2.3 2017-08-19

  • Enhancement: Edit Post / Add Post.
  • Enhancement: Developer.
  • Fixed: Block not use admin for ajax.

1.2.2 2017-08-16

  • Fixed: Hide add new of post edit.
  • Updated: Some feature of Developer.

1.2.1 2017-08-07

  • Fixed: Show the structure template on developer.
  • Enhancement: Developer.

1.2.0 2017-07-25

  • Updated: Show the structure template on developer.

1.1.6 2017-06-15

  • Updated: Some bugs.
  • Added: Some small feature.

1.1.5 2017-04-22

  • Updated: Small changes.

1.1.4 2017-03-09

  • Fixed: Debug time to timestart().
  • Fixed: Debug information on Frontend.
  • Fixed: User edit advanced settings.

1.1.3 2017-03-08

  • Added: Debug time to timestart().
  • Added: Site customize.
  • Added: Compatible network settings.
  • Fixed: Contollers cache.

1.1.2 2017-03-04

  • Added: Customize UI of admin sidebar.
  • Added: Using cache controllers/setting menus.
  • Added: Not use admin panel on Admin General.
  • Fixed: Debug footer html.
  • Fixed: Miss name to default from initial on Admin Posts.

1.1.1 2017-02-24

  • Fixed: sidebar of admin customize.

1.1 2017-02-24

  • Added: sidebar of admin customize.
  • Added: custom third party activate filter.
  • Added: include js file of admin general.

1.0 2017-02-17

  • Initial release.