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Product Editor


Completely free plugin for convenient bulk or individual editing of woocommerce products.
Simple, variable and external product types are supported.
It is possible to change the price, sale price and sale dates.


  • increase / decrease prices by a fixed value or percentage
  • multiplying existing prices by a value
  • change sale prices relative to regular prices
  • rounding prices with a required precision
  • dynamic price changes
  • ability to undo changes
  • tag-search

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  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload product-editor to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Perguntas frequentes

If an error occurs while changing products or I reload the page, how do I know which products have been changed and which have not?

The plugin makes all changes transactionally. This means that either the operation will be performed completely for all goods, or it will not be performed at all.

Why does a bulk change fail with an error after a long timeout?

The most likely reason is that the execution process is taking longer than allowed on your server. Try increasing the allowed script execution time, or change products in smaller portions.


18 Janeiro, 2023 1 reply
Thank you so much for this plugin! This worked seamlessly to help me change prices on over 700 variable products in less than a day. (A job I thought would take me a month to complete.) It was super easy for a non-techie such as myself to figure out, too. I will recommend this to several friends.
23 Novembro, 2022 1 reply
Очень полезен для массового изменения, радует быстрое редактирование вариантных товаров
18 Outubro, 2022 1 reply
Had to download a new bulk editor since the very expensive one I paid for failed. Not only did this one work better, but you can't beat the price! Thank you!
20 Setembro, 2022 1 reply
Найкращий плагін для масового редагування цін. В плагіні є всі необхідні функції для масового редагування цін. З цим плагіном змінення цін, в зв'язку з коливанням курса долара, займає в мене до 5 хв. Є можливість змінювати ціни варіативних товарів. Безмежно вдячна розробникам!!
21 Julho, 2022 1 reply
Uma ótima solução, com visual fácil e intuitivo para quem precisa editar produtos em massa. Só compartilhando! Este plugin foi a solução que encontrei para editar os produtos em massa totalmente free que resolveu meu problema de limpar o campo preço promocional do woocommerce ao invés de setar como 0,00.
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Registo de alterações


  • bugfix: implicit limit on the number of products that can be changed at a time
  • added: sticky table header
  • added: the ability to change product tags


  • bugfix: search did not work when the new woocommerce navigation interface option was enabled


  • bugfix: categories are not shown in some cases
  • added: search form reset button


  • added filtering by statuses, missing categories and tags


  • bugfix: menu item was not shown for shop manager role
  • added Portuguese – BRAZIL translate


  • added the ability to set a zero price.
  • added the ability to not change products with a zero price in bulk editing.


  • added cache reset after product changes


  • bugfix cyrillic search


  • added tag-search


  • added dynamic price changes functionality
  • added progress bar for bulk changes
  • undo functionality


  • bugfix fatal error
  • added rounding an integer part of number


  • added multiplying existing prices by a value
  • added rounding prices with a required precision
  • added external products type
  • added links to product editing pages


  • increase\decrease regular price issue fixed
  • applying operations to variation parents issue fixed
  • added support for decimal numbers
  • extra spaces at dates columns issue fixed