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ScoutTroop is an plugin for Boy Scout troops. It provides mechanisms to assign ranks, patrols & leadership positions to scouts & roles to adults.

– Adds 2 new roles: Adult / Scout allowing
– Additional admin menus to:
— maintain patrol list
— assign scouts to patrols
— assign ranks to scouts
— assign leadership positions to scouts
— assign committee roles to adults
– [shortcodes]
— patrol directories
— patrol list
— committee directory
— scoutmaster directory
— rank table


  • Add/edit list of Patrols.
  • Assign roles to adults.
  • Assign scouts to patrols.
  • Assign rank to scouts.
  • Assign scouts to leadership positions.


1. Upload the scouttroop folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress

1. Assign site users to a role of either Adult or Scout
2. Use the Scout Troop –> Patrols menu to add / edit / delete patrol names
3. Assign patrols, ranks, leadership roles and roles for adults (committee, scoutmaster) via the Scout Troop menu.

[patrol_list] – Returns a list of patrols created via the Scout Troop admin screen.
[scoutbyrank] – Creates a table of ranks with columns of scout names. Names are show as first name, last initial for non-authenticated viewers.
[patroldirectory] – Accepts a command line variable of the desired patrol ( and returns a table of patrol members, phone numbers, leadership roles, and rank.
[committeedirectory] – Returns a table of adult members with committee positions.
[scoutmasterdirectory] – Returns a table of adult scoutmasters.

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1.2.1 Cleanup of tables

1.2 Ordered admin screens by display_name

1.1 Updated Scout by Rank table, Removed reference to empty image

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