Ultimate Timeline – Responsive History Timeline block


Ultimate Timeline plugin creates beautiful history time-lines on your website. It is responsive time-line showcase in DESC order based on posted date of stories with colors, fontawsome icons.
A quick and easy to use timeline plugin to build creative and responsive timelines for your website. Display the beautiful time-line grid and list of WordPress posts, pages in minutes. No coding required. Mobile friendly. Optimized for performance.

Ultimate Timeline – WordPress #1 Timeline Plugin

Ultimate Timeline is a responsive WordPress pure HTML & CSS timeline plugin that allows you to create beautiful horizontal and vertical history timeline. You simply create posts, set images and date then Ultimate Timeline will automatically populate these posts in chronological order(DESC), based on the posted date of stories. You can easily show timeline on any page of your website using shortcode – [weblizar_timeline]

Ultimate Timeline Shortcode

[weblizar_timeline layout=”default” date-format=”Y M d” icons=”YES” show-posts=”YES” order=”DESC” story-content=”full”]

Features Of Ultimate Timeline

  • Vertical Timeline:- Now our free users can also create a Vertical timeline, means a timeline without a lot of space between stories.
  • Default Layout:- If you love clean and clear look without a lot of colors then you can showcase your story via our default layout.
  • Horizontal Roadmap Timeline:- With help of Roadmap desgin, you can represent your Project/Company Plans and Phases.
  • Advanced Design & Optimized Code:- We have also made it developer friendly, you can easily customize timeline story default query.
  • Create both-sided vertical timeline.
  • Choose cool icons along with stories.
  • Show stories in DESC order.
  • Easy to use shortcode to place the ultimate timeline wherever your heart desires – [weblizar_timeline].
  • Responsive and mobile ready timeline.

Ultimate Timeline Pro Features

  • You can change the layout into Vertical/Horizontal way.
  • Specify story background custom colors.
  • You can specify different colors for story posts title.
  • You can specify different Background colors for story posts title.
  • You can specify different colors for story posts content.
  • You can specify different background colors for story posts content.
  • You can specify different Dates format for your stories.
  • You can specify different animations to your each story.

Where can you use Ultimate Timeline plugin?

You can show history/future stories, events, appointments and many other cool things using our Ultimate Timeline plugin. Here are all areas where you can use this plugin:-
* Represent your company story.
* Showcase tutorial/process steps in timeline format.
* Create a program timeline.
* Timeline is best way to represent history.
* Create events / appointments timeline.
* Job stories / achievements timeline.
* Personal story timeline.

We have tried our best to create an awesome timeline plugin but still if you face any installation, coding or design error, you can contact us anytime. Also remember to try our Ultimate Timeline Pro version for extra cool features and design options.


Please contribute to translate our plugin. Contact at contact (at) weblizar (dot) com.


  • Ultimate Timeline story creation screen with instructions.
  • Ultimate Timeline general settings.
  • Vertical View front view
  • Horizontal view of time-line.


3 Ways To Install Ultimate Timeline

  1. Automatically install our plugin via WordPress admin panel:- Open your WordPress website admin panel and go to Plugins > Click Add New & search ‘Ultimate Timeline‘ at here > Here you will find our plugin > Now click on install button > After this you will see a activate button > Just activate it to use Ultimate Timeline inside your website.
  2. Install via Zip file:- In this method first you need to download our plugin from wordpress plugins directory. Go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-timeline/ & Download Ultimate Timeline. After this inside your WP-admin panel, click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Button. Now choose the plugin zip file that you just downloaded from wordpress plugins directory & activate it.
  3. Install plugin via FTP:- In this method you also first need to download plugin zip file from wordpress plugins directory. After this open your FTP manager and Go to > wp-content/plugins folder. Here you need to upload extracted version of Ultimate Timeline (please remember don’t upload zip file directly at here). After this you can activate plugin from wp-admin panel plugins page.

Create Timeline

  • After installation and plugin activation, you will find 2 extra tabs in Wp-admin panel sidebar – All Stories and Timeline Options.
  • Under “Timeline Options” tab, you can select different date format, fonts and other design options of timeline according to your website style.
  • Under “All Stories” tab, You can add all of your stories by selecting appropriate date and year.
  • After adding all of your stories, Go to Pages > Add New, Here you can create a timeline by using our in-build short-code generator or simply place this short-code – [weblizar_timeline].

Final Words!

If you are facing any difficulty in Ultimate Timeline plugin installation then you can contact our support at here – support@weblizar.com


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Registo de alterações

For more information, see Weblizar

1.8 [14-Sept-2021]

  • Updated tags
  • Updated Bootstrap library
  • Added Story Title Color Setting
  • Update Shortcode input field
  • Tested with PHP 8.0.9

1.7 [23-JULY-2021]

  • Tested Upto WordPress 5.8
  • Updated tags

1.6 [18-MAR-2021]

  • Tested Upto WordPress 5.7
  • Code Optimized.

1.5 [10-DEC-2020]

  • Tested Upto WordPress 5.6
  • Improved Code Readability.

1.4 [03-Nov-2020]

  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Updated icons.
  • Improved Ui For More User Friendly Experience.


  • Updated : Time story Layout.


  • Added Timeline Title Setting in Timeline Option For Adding Heading To your Timeline.
  • Added Timeline Background Color Setting in Timeline Option For Customize Color of your Timeline.
  • Improved Front Ui For More User Friendly Experience.


  • Updated Ui Issue in Timeline Option.


  • Release for WordPress Users.


  • Initial Version.