Using simple shortcodes provided by the WeatherWizz plugin you can now feed your WeatherWizz dashboard weather
data directly into your wordpress site.

How to use?

Login to your WeatherWizz account and go to Integrations and select WordPress. From here, you can create WordPress shortcuts to display on your webpages.

See an example below.

Today the temperature in my garden is {{wiz_abc00}}c

When the page is opened, this may be displayed as:

Today the temperature in my garden is 18.7c.

Use shortcodes in text, tables, or any format that works for you.

Sign up for a WeatherWizz account here:

Perguntas frequentes

What weather stations can I use?

Any weather station that is connected to WeatherWizz via meteobridge, weatherbridge, weather display software, cumulusMX, Ecowitt, Ambient, Fine Offset.

How often is my data updated?

Your weather data is updated automatically every 30 seconds.

Can I display data from multiple stations on the same page?

Yes, the WeatherWizz WordPress plugin can support sensors from multiple WeatherWizz accounts. You need a separate account for each weather station.


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  • Improved sensor mapping tools
  • Display sensor from the same or multiple stations with different conversions/formats


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  • Initial public release.