Este plugin não foi testado com as 3 últimas grandes versões do WordPress. Pode já não ser suportado e pode ter problemas de compatibilidade quando usado com versões mais recentes do WordPress.

WP Show Posts



This plugin is only receiving security updates at this time. Check out our GenerateBlocks plugin for a more modern solution.

WP Show Posts allows you to display posts anywhere on your website using an easy to use shortcode.

You can pull posts from any post type like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads etc..

This plugin works with any theme.

Here are the features in the free version:


  • Tipo de conteúdo
  • Taxonomia
  • Termos
  • Conteúdos por página
  • Paginação


  • Colunas
  • Espaço entre colunas


  • Mostrar imagens
  • Largura da imagem
  • Altura da imagem
  • Alinhamento da imagem
  • Localização da imagem


  • Apresentação do conteúdo (excerto ou completo)
  • Tamanho do excerto
  • Incluir título
  • Texto «Ler mais»
  • Read more button class


  • Incluir autor
  • Localização do autor
  • Incluir data
  • Localização da data
  • Incluir termos
  • Localização dos termos

Mais definições

  • ID do autor
  • Excluir actual
  • ID do conteúdo
  • ID do conteúdo a excluir
  • Ignorar conteúdos fixos
  • Ignorar
  • Ordem
  • Ordenar por
  • Estado
  • Chave de metadados
  • Valor de metadados
  • Operador da taxonomia
  • Mensagem em caso de falta de resultados

Our *Pro* version has these features

Veja a versão Pro


  • Paginação AJAX


  • Masonry
  • Conteúdo em destaque
  • Cor de fundo
  • Cor de fundo ao passar com o rato
  • Cor da borda
  • Border color hover


  • Image overlay color
  • Image overlay icon
  • Image hover effect
  • Image lightbox
  • Image lightbox gallery


  • Read more style
  • Read more color
  • Content link color
  • Content link color hover
  • Cor do texto do conteúdo
  • Cor do título
  • Cor do título ao passar com o rato


  • Cor dos metadados
  • Meta color hover

Redes sociais

  • Twitter
  • Twitter color + hover
  • Facebook
  • Facebook color + hover
  • Google+
  • Google+ color + hover
  • Pinterest
  • Pinterest color + hover
  • Love it
  • Alinhamento

Check out GeneratePress, our awesome WordPress theme! (


  • All of your created post lists.
  • The "Conteúdos" settings tab.
  • The "Colunas" settings tab.
  • The "Imagens" settings tab.
  • The "Conteúdo" settings tab.
  • The "Metadados" settings tab.
  • The "More query ars" settings tab.


There’s two ways to install WP Show Posts.

  1. Go to “Plugins > Add New” in your Dashboard and search for: WP Show Posts
  2. Download the .zip from, and upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.

In most cases, #1 will work fine and is way easier.

Perguntas frequentes

How do I create a post list?

  • Make sure WP Show Posts is activated.
  • Navigate to “WP Show Posts > Add New” and configure your list.
  • Copy the shortcode provided for you when adding your new list.
  • Add your shortcode to your desired page or post.


20 Setembro, 2023
TL;DR It doesn't work with the current (as of 09-20-2023) version of WordPress- doesn't show up in the editor! Luckily, the 'Blog' block of the free plugin 'Premium Addons for Elementor' functions very similarly! I am however rating WPSP as 5 stars because of how awesome it's been up until recently :). So if you don't plan to update yet, it's still good.We've been using it on our main site to make editing content easier on my friend, who gets overwhelmed by the Page editor. I wrote all the Page paragraphs as Posts, then used WP Show Posts to insert them onto the Pages. That way editing a post will auto-update its page.But now, we cannot update Wordpress or risk breaking the entire site! It will be a task to switch to another plugin but luckily the 'Blog' block of that other plugin seems to do what WP Show Posts was doing, while remaining in the Page editor.
29 Dezembro, 2022
The 1st plugin I found, which can show complete posts include images in widget. Really good job. Just one thing is missing to me ... to show random posts.
18 Julho, 2022
I installed it on the current version of Wordpress since I started using generatepress now. It seemed like an ideal option, until after making half a website I realised that my menu stopped working. I don't understand why they don't update this plugin, if it's great.
17 Novembro, 2021
Lightweight , but it has all functions. Well thought.
3 Novembro, 2021
WP Show Posts is a great plugin, simple to use and does what it says it does. The support is excellent as well. Very responsive and willing to help.
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Registo de alterações


  • Security: Add capability checks to AJAX functions


  • Security: Add user capability check for post status


  • Security: Improve escaping of settings that display HTML
  • Tweak: Add wpsp_query_args filter


  • New: Button class option
  • Fix: Duplicate post classes
  • Fix: Post classes PHP notice in some themes
  • Fix: PHP 7.2 PHP warning while editing lists
  • Tweak: Pass $settings to wpsp_wrapper_atts filter
  • Tweak: Remove font-size and line-height CSS (allow themes to handle it)


  • Fix: Performance issue dealing with lots of terms in list admin
  • Fix: Post class clashes with GP Premium
  • Tweak: Allow name in shortcode instead of ID
  • Tweak: Use theme defined font size for title elements (removes the default 30px)


  • Fix: Fix image hover effects in WPSP Pro


  • New: Allow multiple taxonomy terms to be selected
  • New: Choose the title HTML element
  • New: wpsp_disable_title_link filter
  • New: wpsp_disable_image_link filter
  • New: wpsp_read_more_output filter
  • New: wpsp_inside_wrapper hook
  • New: wpsp_image_attributes filter
  • New: wpsp_term_separator filter
  • New: Option to add comments number/link in post meta
  • New: Allow override of settings within shortcode parameter
  • New: Add standard post classes to each post
  • Tweak: Remove many function_exists() wrappers – check your custom functions!
  • Tweak: Pass list settings through hooks instead of using global
  • Tweak: Clean up code considerably
  • Tweak: Use the_excerpt() instead of custom function
  • Tweak: Remove border radius from read more buttons
  • Fix: Broken author setting
  • Fix: Remove image float on mobile
  • Fix: Missing color labels in WP 4.9


  • Add new hook inside image container: wpsp_inside_image_container
  • Fix issue with pagination and random post ordering
  • Clean up defaults to only include free options
  • Add margin to the top of pagination
  • Use manual excerpt if it’s set